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  1. net-cat

    Site Status - 2013-12-16

    As you may or may not have figured out from the last status updates, we are in a position where we are being forced to restore the database from a backup. No, there was no data loss. (Though if you've logged in since the site was in read-only mode, you'll probably have to log in again when we go...
  2. net-cat

    Figment Server - RAID Issue - Oct 11 2011

    Re: Figment Server - RAID Issue We're back online. All affected services have been restored. Thank you for your patience.
  3. net-cat

    Figment Server - RAID Issue - Oct 11 2011

    Re: Figmet Server - RAID Issue RAID card has been swapped. Filesystems are being checked for consistency. It appears that no data was lost.
  4. net-cat

    F5 Exploit - Resolved

    Re: F5 Exploit Well, there is a time when it's acceptable to land on a POST page. That's when there's an input error that you want the user to fix. (It's okay since resubmitting the form will just generate the same error.) This, however, is obviously not the case here.
  5. net-cat

    F5 Exploit - Resolved

    Re: F5 Exploit Fixed.
  6. net-cat

    how to install .tar.gz file?

    Could you show me the output of the command?
  7. net-cat

    how to install .tar.gz file?

    Building a kernel module? sudo apt-get install kernel-package fakeroot build-essential libncurses5-dev You'll also need to grab the linux-headers package for your kernel, but I don't remember which one Ubuntu 10.04 runs. You can use uname -a to find out which.
  8. net-cat

    accept bitcoin for donations

    Amount of revenue to be derived from accepting BitCoin: Negligible. Amount of effort involved in accepting BitCoin: More than negligible.
  9. net-cat

    What version of linux is most compatible with windows programs?

    There's your problem right there.
  10. net-cat

    What version of linux is most compatible with windows programs?

    I've had luck with Ubuntu and Wine. The trick is to add wine's PPA instead of using the version provided by Ubuntu. http://www.winehq.org/download/ubuntu This applies to any distribution, really. Use the packages provided by Wine and not the distribution. (It tends to be overly old.)...
  11. net-cat

    HTTPS Everywhere

    Full-site HTTPS is already in place. You're welcome to use it. There are a few usability-related issues with it, though. As for the links that show as http instead of https, those are all from someone using the [url] tag and pasting the whole URL in. (Shouts, journals, notes, comments...
  12. net-cat

    Remove the Siezure Ads?

    We are trying out a new ad provider. We are working with them to work out the kinks in the system. Ads with sound is the reason I most often hear cited for people to use Ad Block, so yeah. I can categorically say that ads with sound are completely unacceptable.
  13. net-cat

    Your views on repair/upgrade vs replacement?

    I don't think I've "replaced" a computer in years. My desktop is a frankenputer that's been through all manner of parts, cases and configurations. Generally speaking, I consider it "replaced" when I change the motherboard, RAM and CPU. But those don't all necessarily happen at the same time...
  14. net-cat

    Linux Mint 11 "Katya" released

    I've been using Natty for about a week at work. I don't have any problems with it except for Unity. Oh, god, fucking Unity. It's like they tried to rip of MacOS and did a terrible job of it. Fortunately, getting rid of it is as simple as choosing "Ubuntu Classic" from the menu before logging in...
  15. net-cat

    God damn virus

    http://www.malwarebytes.org/ I have used that in quite a while, but they were pretty good at finding and removing viruses when I last used them. As for the USB device, make sure the computer you plug it into is set to show hidden and system files.
  16. net-cat

    Data recovery from RAID 0 array

    If the motherboard is still good any the array is still healthy, you should be able to boot from a LiveCD (Ubuntu, System Rescue CD, BartPE) and read the data off the array, onto an external USB disk. If one of the drives or the RAID controller itself it hosed... sorry. You're SOL. And for the...
  17. net-cat

    DIY Xbox display project

    Actually, it's far more likely to be using one of the myriad standards for connecting a laptop display to a motherboard than DVI. (Just to name a few: LDI, OpenLDI, FPD-Link...)
  18. net-cat

    Ubuntu 11.04 glitch-

    I don't think that Wayland has replaced X.org in 11.04. It's available for anyone that wants to play with it, but the default is still X.org. But yes. This suggestion is still good, unless you have a bleeding edge Radeon card. (I/E: Card was released less than a year or so ago.)
  19. net-cat

    Should I overclock my ipad?

    Er. Why? There isn't a whole lot the iPad can do that requires overclocking. And most mobile chips are underclocked so the use less power. If you do, kiss your battery life goodbye.
  20. net-cat

    .bat Cracking

    I still don't understand that. What kind of college/university blocks personal email accounts? Are you in like, a prison-school or something?