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  1. Quiet269

    Fur Affinity Turns 6!

    Will be interesting to see how it turns out. Though, I'm still waiting for the whole cub removal to pan out.
  2. Quiet269

    A clarification on sonic/underage

    One question this does raise is in regards to characters that are feral, and obviously cub. Would a character's feral appearance negate the cub aspect if it is known? An example would be Simba, as it is well known what the character looks like throughout the various stages of life. It is quite...
  3. Quiet269

    so we can't block ads now?

    Umm... You can still block ads... It takes 2 seconds... You really shouldn't... but it's easily doable if you want to.
  4. Quiet269

    Tyra Banks Show

    I made my opinion painfully obvious and got smacked on the nose with a big stick. I think I'll wait this out from now on.
  5. Quiet269

    Question for anyone who prints their artwork...

    Oh well, whatcha gonna do, eh?
  6. Quiet269

    Question for anyone who prints their artwork...

    yeah, if you could e-mail it to quiet269@ymail.com that'd be great :) Though, ATM I'm not getting much interest :(
  7. Quiet269

    Question for anyone who prints their artwork...

    Yeah, taking all that into account ATM, it's still a fair bit cheaper than what DA does, just depends on the volume. If I had more work it wouldn't cost as much. Staying under $10 shouldn't be an issue. Also, If it looks like this might work I'd like to use that Digital picture you linked, but...
  8. Quiet269

    Question for anyone who prints their artwork...

    Hello everyone, I have a Xerox Phaser 8560DN sitting around the office that really doesn't get much use but produces some pretty impressive prints IMO. It uses a wax based ink, and does colors quite well. I was thinking of offering to print and mail pieces for artists who do not have the...
  9. Quiet269

    Bestiality and Fur Affinity

    You really screwed the pooch by issuing bans without a warning... Hell you issued bans on a rule that wasn't even in effect when the discussion was had. You should have implemented the new rule, made a site wide announcement, warned anyone that had posted something against the rule prior to the...
  10. Quiet269

    Artists Accepting Tips?

    I'm honestly not sure if it is acceptable... but I've seen a lot of artists post comics and the like and never really get anything out of it... even when they are basically taking it as a request (evolves based of feedback from watchers)
  11. Quiet269

    15,000$ for living in a fur suit?

    You would die from over exertion and or heat stroke... so no. If those Magically were not an issue... hell yeah.
  12. Quiet269

    Artists Accepting Tips?

    Hmm, seems that there is a lot of unintended negativity associated with a tip jar... Oh well, cannot please everyone. Thank-you for the clarification, and all the input.
  13. Quiet269

    Artists Accepting Tips?

    Wow... does it really upset you THAT much? :confused:
  14. Quiet269

    Artists Accepting Tips?

    hmm, I was hoping a small icon like that would be small enough that it wouldn't be seen in that manner... Any suggestions to make it even less intrusive? I'm not trying to make it sound like "GIVE ME YOUR MONIES" or anything... just something you can place in your account with your info that is...
  15. Quiet269

    Artists Accepting Tips?

    Maybe, maybe not... I've seen people tip others (adding extra onto commissioned price) and I've done it myself as well... I mean, what's there to loose? My main concern would be if you would think less of an artist that had it... that's the last thing I want =\
  16. Quiet269

    Artists Accepting Tips?

    Hello, Just had this idea... put up an account... curious what you all think. It's meant to be a simple account people can +Watch or add to the end of their submissions to show that they do accept tips. Trying to be as passive and unintrusive as possible... The main idea behind it are for...
  17. Quiet269

    The Kippy / Cog - Cat/Dog Hybrid Dildo - Need your Support! (NSFW)

    Link to Pics: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2250452 What I said: Original Sketches were done by Kime_Requim from the Bad-Dragon forums: http://forums.bad-dragon.com/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=595 3D Renders was done by The Erossian from the Bad-Dragon forums...
  18. Quiet269

    Re-Organizing your Gallery?

    What do you mean Eevee? What are series?
  19. Quiet269

    Re-Organizing your Gallery?

    I would have to disagree. You will have to move the images around within the folders... Besides, how far out is that? ^-^