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  1. Brazen

    Some fantasy 4X game featuring talking animals being kickstarted

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/leagueofgeeks/armello-bringing-tabletop-adventures-to-life So it's like a furry version of Game of Thrones or something? I don't know, looks really gay.
  2. Brazen

    Rant: Cultural marxist gay agendas in my childrens cartoons

    Oh boy, they're finally tapping into the 10 year old transvestite demographic. EDIT: Youtube video got pulled for morally justifying the Holocaust, here's the Facebook page with the video.
  3. Brazen

    Wargame: European Escalation

    I know you faggums are generally afraid of games for men that would put hair on your chest, but there's a Steam sale on until the 16th that you should look into. RTS that is like a mixture of World in Conflict and Total War, really good.
  4. Brazen

    Y was JaguarSoul's post closed?

    I was just about to zing him too. How about this, new rule, a thread can't be closed until Brazen posts in it at least once.
  5. Brazen

    That stupid Book of Eli furry rip-off in the other thread

    Thread was locked because of begging for cash, but the topic demands proper discourse. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSHCp7D_6As&hd=1 What the actual fuck. First that fantasy Reservoir Dogs indie fursuit film, now this.
  6. Brazen

    Bitter Lake- Again

    I made a thread a while ago about this, not going to necro it. Here it is, apparently it's as real as it gets, in that they're selling DVDs already. I'm feeling really ambivalent on the matter, on one hand it clearly has some decent production values for a niche indie film, on the other hand...
  7. Brazen

    New documentary series on National Geographic

    So I was watching National Geographic and an ad came up for a new documentary series about people living in fantasy worlds. The first in the series deals with infantilism and airs Wednesday 9pm in the UK. You know where I'm going with this.
  8. Brazen

    Someone needs to explain this one to me

    http://www.bitterlakethemovie.com/ Ok, so given how interconnected everything in the fandom is I'm sure some of you knew of this already, but I've only found out now.
  9. Brazen

    Just bought Magicka off Steam

    We should play some time FAF, the game is more fun with other people.
  10. Brazen

    Europa Universalis III

    Is on sale on Steam with 3 expansion packs for like 5 bucks. Worth it?
  11. Brazen

    I just realised that I never actually had an intro thread.

    Yeah, never had one, originally came to this forum for one very specific trolling purpose and so jumped straight into the fray. Lets change all that, everyone stroke my ego now. My hobbies include cannibalism, necrophilia and knitting. I also take pleasure from peeing on women because it...
  12. Brazen

    Alright, which one of you is responsible for this

    Stop it, just stop it, you're not doing anyone any favours by doing stuff like that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMXjoq6X4b0&feature=related
  13. Brazen

    Akinator web genie

    http://us.akinator.com/# Oh man, it's like an internet version of 20 questions that basically always gets the right answer at least on it's second attempt. I got it fooled with Roger Waters where it guessed Paul McCartney then Eric Clapton then Bono, but other than that, it's eerily spot on...
  14. Brazen

    The CSI episode

    Let's open this up again, I'm sure it caused a lot of baw when it was still new, I want to see some of it. The CSI episode is fine. At this point I know the fandom better than half the people on the forums and I can tell you, basically everything the episode shows does actually happen. The...
  15. Brazen

    Sexual Dimorphism in the furry fandom

    For those too lazy to use Google, sexual dimorphism is when males and females of the same species look different to each other, such as peacocks or basically all the arthropods. I've come to believe that furries are also sexually dimorphic. I've seen enough pictures of either gender to make...
  16. Brazen

    You know why so many people think you guys have sex in fursuits?

    It's because the only argument anyone seems to present against it is "Fursuits are too expensive", which is on the same level as Obama denying being a Commie by saying "Nah, Stalin had a lot more manpower than I do". Basically the argument furfags present against fursuit sex is always about...
  17. Brazen

    I don't think you guys realise that anthro animals would be jerks

    So I'm looking through yet another thread about how totally awesome wicked a furry-run world would be, and for the 1,000,000th time I see people making the retarded assumptions that furries would be so much more empathetic/environmentally friendly/PC than humans. I don't think you've given...
  18. Brazen

    Seemingly innocous thread topic...

    ...that will hopefully lead to some passive-aggressive trolling, or at least the (greater) adulation of the forum regulars for C-C-Combobreaking the chain of "Have you ever/what if your parents/calling all/does anyone" threads. Todays topic is: human eyeballs, your murrsona's Most of you...
  19. Brazen

    Assassin's Creed 2 on PC

    Might have been posted already, I'm too much of a cool young socialite to know how to use the search function, let alone bother using it. Anyway, the PC version of AC2 is coming out at the end of next week (or at the start of the week after than for you yanks). Ubisoft is planning on unveiling...
  20. Brazen

    Could lifestyling be the most productive thing you ever do in the fandom?

    This will probably be my most controversial thread so far, so I can barely contain myself. TL;DR is at the bottom Anyway, let's establish something that will be used as an axiom in the following discussion. Most of you aren't artists, no matter what you may think. The definition of the term is...