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  1. Galaxseed

    (Commission) Selling: High quality [SFW] commissions cartoon/anime style - 45-70 USD

    Hello and welcome to my page!! I am currently open for 3 slots! Can draw: Anthros (any species) Humans Robots Fan art Can not draw: NSFW / taboo fetishes Creatures Self portraits Turnaround time will range from 2/3 to 5 weeks depending on queue/ project size! If interested, email...
  2. Galaxseed

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions open !! Full body / Flat shade - 55USD

    Currently taking full body / flat shade commissions ! 5 SLOTS avaliable Starting April 1st! 55 USD each ! ( extra character is 20 USD each) WILL DRAW: HUMANS ANTHROS ROBOTS FANART CHARACTERS OC COUPLES WON'T DRAW FETISHES SELF PORTRAITS COMPLEX MECHAS COMPLEX MONSTERS FERAL If...
  3. Galaxseed

    [OPEN] Full / Half body commissions - starting at 28 - 32 USD! Anthro / Human artist

    Hello! I'd love to gain more experience with my full / half bodies so I'm opening up 3 SLOTS ! Prices start from 28-32 usd but may add up due to complexity , background , additional characters, etc. Options price are for the flat shaded. Please read my terms of services before contacting...
  4. Galaxseed


    ~ Unlimited slots ~ ICONS ARE 13 USD EACH I also do humans and robots too ! nothing too complicated design wise as I like to keep it simple-looking . if interested, please email with a reference sheet /character examples at: galaxseedofficial@gmail.com - Or note me here -