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  1. 2-Tailed Taymon

    What's your Favorite COLOR

  2. 2-Tailed Taymon

    How to wear a collar

    *smug smirk* Thank you <3
  3. 2-Tailed Taymon

    How to wear a collar

    I wear watever I please with my collar XD
  4. 2-Tailed Taymon

    Furs By Species 2

    If I didn't say before...I'm a Taymon (Tayra Demon) so I'm a Mustelid.
  5. 2-Tailed Taymon

    Say Something

    I think we finally found something that exists which is lower than Barney and Edward Cullen combined: Na'Vi'kin and Avatards.
  6. 2-Tailed Taymon

    I'd like to paint someone.

    My Fursona or sub-Fursona? Refs in siggy ^^
  7. 2-Tailed Taymon

    Foxes are the best animals.

    Foxes are EPIC. Nuff said~
  8. 2-Tailed Taymon

    How tall are you guys?

    5'2 and short for my age >.<*
  9. 2-Tailed Taymon

    Character Offers

    Meisu & Spetzz? Refs are in my siggy ^^
  10. 2-Tailed Taymon

    Furry Crushes

    Sparky from Lilo and Stitch. And Kyuubi from Naruto.
  11. 2-Tailed Taymon

    Do you act differently online than real life?

    I'm actually kinda nicer online >.>*
  12. 2-Tailed Taymon

    Fursona Stereotypes...

    I'm a Mustelid type. Taymon specifically. Not only are Tayras VERY rare, but combined with Demons, I'm the only one. Demons in general are kinda scarce. But all Demons are NOT the same. And I'm not the religious type either. I'm more of an elemental spirit type.
  13. 2-Tailed Taymon


    Yayz for the sticky! But anyways, "coming out" in a MINOR way is ok. Like mentioning briefly that you're a Furry and Furries like Anthros. No more explanation should be given. DO NOT over-dramaticize it. "OMG I AM A FURREH ND I LIEK ANIMUL POORN ND I PAW OFF 2 ANTHRO ANIMULS." DON'T DO THAT...
  14. 2-Tailed Taymon

    Meisu Needs Art (Maybe Spetzz too)

    I can't ask that of friends...
  15. 2-Tailed Taymon

    Meisu Needs Art (Maybe Spetzz too)

    (Sorry, messed up last thread title) Alright, I need some art of my Fursona and maybe my sub-Fursona too, PLEASE. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3320720/ (Meisu) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3320695 (Spetzz Both of them are Tayras. But Meisu is more specifically a Taymon, which is a...
  16. 2-Tailed Taymon

    Where rainbows come from.

  17. 2-Tailed Taymon

    Meaning in the name?

    Re: Meening in the name? Twilight has no Vampires. Only sparkly faries.
  18. 2-Tailed Taymon


    Sweet, an African Wild Dog! Welcome!