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  1. Pine

    Steak Doneness

    Since we got a bunch of food threads started, I guess it won't hurt to make another one. In this one, we will discuss the doneness (yes, that's a real word) of our steaks. Is it better rare? or is it better fully cooked? I like my steak medium rare because it's a perfect balance of tenderness...
  2. Pine

    Battle of the Salad Dressings

    In this thread we will discuss which salad dressing is the greatest. I would have to choose Caesar dressing. It has all the creaminess of ranch, with only half of the shame.
  3. Pine

    Favorite Song Covers

    I haven't seen a thread about this yet, so I thought I'd make one. Sometimes songs are so good that other bands decide to cover them, and the results usually make the song better or even change the attitude entirely. The topic is simple: post your favorite cover song, the artist covering it...
  4. Pine

    The Official Hot Sauce Discussion Thread

    This is a thread dedicated to the sauce created by God himself and passed down to mankind. What is your favorite hot sauce? Do you prefer heat or flavor? Which brand is the best? My top 3 sauces would have to be Frank's Red Hot, Tobasco, and Chipotle Cholula. Frank's Red Hot has a great flavor...
  5. Pine

    Steambox: Valve competing with Xbox and PS3?

    http://www.techspot.com/news/47657-rumor-valve-working-on-steam-box-a-pc-gaming-console.html If this is true, I think there may be a new challenger in the console wars. The rumored "Steambox" is supposed to be similar to a console, but with specs similar to a PC packed with an i7 processor, 8gb...
  6. Pine

    What if...

    We don't have souls? We are ​souls. We have bodies.
  7. Pine

    Expanding the Fursuit Head

    Back in November, I received my first fursuit head in the mail. While putting it on, however, I noticed how tight it was. It wasn't too tight so I was still able to breathe, see, and move the jaw properly, but after a certain period of time (usually 30 minutes) it starts feeling uncomfortable. I...
  8. Pine

    New Years Resolutions?

    I thought it would be cool to share our New Years resolutions (if you have any). Plan to lose weight? get a better job? help the needy? Share it here! Mine is to stay sober and go a year without soda (excluding energy drinks).
  9. Pine

    Pop Tarts or Toaster Strudel?

    The question that has been plaguing mankind for centuries.
  10. Pine

    TF2 Icons (5)

    I'm looking for an artist who will be able to make 5 full-colored icons for 5 different people that have a theme based on Team Fortress 2. I will send the needed information and will pay any price as long as it isn't ridiculous. One of them does not have a reference sheet, so I'll provide...
  11. Pine

    Heavy Metal Jesus

    The first cavemen came back to their caves after a long day of hunting and gathering. While chilling in their old recliners, they couldn't help but to light a jay and pop Blizzard into the CD player. While listening to Ozzy's tenacious vocalization, they couldn't help but think of their...
  12. Pine

    Peanut Butter

    well, what does it taste better with?
  13. Pine

    Want to buy 2 badges. I have money $$$

    So me and a good friend are going to be heading to AC this year, and I thought it would be cool to get us some badges. The thing about my friend is that he isn't really a furry, he just lurks the forums and doesn't do the whole "sona" thing. He really likes dragons though, so I think that...
  14. Pine


    oh yeah, so everybody is doing it? does that make me cool or something? :V lol kidding... Anyways, I'm kind of anal with money atm and realized that I have never really asked for free art. I'm very interested to see what kind of awesome drawing brew somebody can concoct with their pens and...
  15. Pine

    Talk with the Dude

    come, discuss stuff http://tinychat.com/talktothedude
  16. Pine

    Pine Morello

    Hello! It's been a while since I've purchased art, so I'm looking for an artist to make me an album cover for a music project I'm working on. I'm a huge fan of RATM and Audioslave, and I'm heavily influenced by Tom Morello's solo work as The Nightwatchman. What I was looking for was a similar...
  17. Pine

    The Worst Place to have an Itch

    Another stupid poll courtesy of Pine. Where do YOU think is the worst place to have an itch?
  18. Pine

    Soda or Pop?

    I'm just curious, what do you call the carbonated beverage?
  19. Pine

    Favorite Movies (F*ck the Critics Edition)

    I thought I'd make a thread where we could share our favorite movies, but there's an exception. Movies like Citizen Kane and The Godfather aren't allowed, because we are going to share our favorite movies that are shitty. (at least to movie buffs/critics). One example is the movie Good...
  20. Pine

    Choose a song for your funeral.

    If you could have a song for your funeral, which one would it be? It can be sad, heavy, or whatever else. The choice depends on you. I'd have a hard choice between the following two. It's hard because one is instrumental: Gone Away by The Offspring Orion by Metallica