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  1. slainte

    Wanting a NSFW sketch commission ~$30

    I'm looking to commission an artist to draw a nice NSFW sketch of my werewolf OC. What I'd like is an illustration of him in his human form with his knot. So I guess this is a kink-related thing? However, I'd like it to be tasteful, like a pin-up, I suppose. I've been cheated out of my money...
  2. slainte

    NSFW kink-friendly commission of my two OC's.

    I would like to hire an artist to draw my two male human OC's for a NSFW piece. It's hard for me to find artists who're alright with drawing kinks/fetishes that're open for commissions. My apologies for requesting two humans here, but I also know a lot of artists cross-post from Tumblr, DA, and...