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    Free art raffle on Instagram!

    ✨FREE ART CHANCE✨ for fully coloured and shaded art! I'M HOSTING a raffle on Insta! 5 more days left and there's only 10 entries! So get to it if you'd like to enter! :'3 Click here for info!
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    Free art raffle on Instagram!

    Details here: Thank you!
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    $20 Digital Badge!

    $20 USD. Includes a sketch approval and a high res digital copy. $30 USD for lamination and mailing!
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    $40: One commission slot open for digital full body shaded piece

    In this style: DM me on Insta if you are interested or pm me here! I can do multiple themes, NSFW, gore as well, anthro- check my insta page and my FA for examples.
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    Free art raffle/giveaway! Just leave a comment on my instagram post!

    Hey! After like... 8 years, I have made an Instagram for my furry art! Check it out here: mausc (@maus0z) • Instagram photos and videos In celebration, I'm having a free art raffle. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post: The winner will receive a piece similar to...
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    How to best describe your character to someone else: For clients

    http://www.reddit.com/r/furry/comments/1dgfx8/how_to_best_describe_your_character_to_someone/ http://www.furaffinity.net/user/silvixen/ WROTE THIS <3 Wasn't sure where to post this, hopefully this is acceptable- feel free to move if needed. Very useful and informative for those looking to...
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    Full Colour Sexy Time Pics - $25

    I have five slots open for full colour sexy sexy time pictures of two characters! You pick the kink/pose! :P Info/example here! http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4551952/
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    $12 coloured sketches

    $12 If you are interested, please look here. <3
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    Character Design Auction - Coral the Sealapus

    Hello! After seeing everyone else's amazing character design auctions and constantly stalking auctions out of some morbit interest, I decided to throw my own! (NSFW)http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9144043/ Her name is Coral and she's a Seal + Octopus mix, a sealapus and I think she is...
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    free headshot

    There's something I want to practice, so I'll accept one free headshot request. The first 6 people to post will have a chance and then Ill pick one c: please post your ref and check out my page if you feel like!
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    Sooper flats salee! $10 flats, $15 for two characters

    Feel like doing some more flats, so I'm offering up a really nice sale! ^^ As the title says... $10 for one character, $15 for two! Can be sexytimes or whatever. Just respond to this journal with your reference sheets and what you'd like. 4 slots! Examples...
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    Cheap but "Surprise" Iron Artist Commission Slots

    Hey folks, thought I'd advertise here too ^^ I'm doing commissions like this for $10: The catch is that you just link me to your character's ref and I decide what to do- pose, emotion, style, etc, with no previews. The whole point of this is that I get a chance to be more experimental...
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    Art for Crafts/Things/Supplies/Fur

    Hey there folks. Upon seeing the craft for art thread, it made me want to create the opposite :) I know there are similar ones but I'm posting because I haven't seen anything I am that interested in yet! I like drawing. I also like things. But, I never like buying myself things. So, I was...
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    Melty Monster LUV V-Day Commissions - 5 Slots

    Hey : D I'm offering special monstery melt-y commissions for valentines day/February is (almost) half over day/I hate everyone day. They are $15, to order one and for more info go here. <3E>
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    Opening up a few cheap commission slots

    Here's the journal for information: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3055852/ I'm going to be working on some more examples for ~other things~ on my own time... I feel like my art is so all over the place, it's hard for me to consistently have updated examples for commissions... Or that my...
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    Perspective and Composition Critique

    Well, I started to doodle earlier, and I decided I wanted to push the limits, and I've felt very much like this 8D Anyway, I'd love some help- especially composition wise, and the water/iceberg reflections and what not. Tell me how it's going? What's good, what really needs to be fixed? How do...
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    Looking to do a Collaboration

    Hello friends. I really want to get a chance to do a collaboration with another artist. I think I would like to do, more or less: You sketch, I do line art, you do colours and start to set up a background idea, I refine background and colours. I want a chance to practice composition...
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    $10 Fully Coloured and Shaded Commissions for Winter Solstice

    Hey folks! I am offering 50% off of all full body colour prices for the winter solstice. One character, full body with detailed shading is $12, additional characters are +$8, and a background +$5. One character, full body with cell shading is $10, additional characters are +$7, background...
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    Palette Swap!

    When I was in middle school my other artist friend and I used to do this fun thing we called "palette swap". Basically the idea was that we sent each other a palette that the other had to create a drawing with. We did drew them in MS Paint, obviously you do not have to :P Anyway, it was a lot of...
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    Textured Digital Pin-ups

    This is a commission offer for: Textured Digital / Traditional mix (Traditional lines, digital colours etc) Mostly Nude (genitals optional) Pose / theme request optional Full body Additional characters $8 $18 Slots: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Will take 1-3 weeks from time of commission order more...