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  1. Extani

    [OPEN] cleric's commissions ($15+)

    Hello! I sent you a DM over Twitter, from ExieSentouin! I wanted to run the idea by you before completing the form, though if you prefer I complete the form first, I can do that. Thanks! Exie
  2. Extani

    (Commission) Selling: Pharaoh-Ink's Art Commissions

    Hello! Do you have a link to a gallery with your work?
  3. Extani

    (Commission) Selling: SFW and NSFW - all is welcome commissions

    www.furaffinity.net: Orgette Exie, Sliced in Two [by Likri] by Extani The quality of the work speaks for itself, but they're a pleasure to work with! Progress pics along the way, very responsive to feedback. The concept was somewhat unusual, but they took it on and blew away my expectations...
  4. Extani

    Digital Art (NSFW? Elements of Candy Gore) [CLOSED]

    Thanks for everyone who offered their skills. I’ve selected and reached out to the artist I plan to commission. Thanks again!! Exie
  5. Extani

    Digital Art (NSFW? Elements of Candy Gore) [CLOSED]

    Alright my Twitter notifications weren’t, uh. Notifying me for reasons. I see them now. Thanks!
  6. Extani

    Digital Art (NSFW? Elements of Candy Gore) [CLOSED]

    I didn’t receive a tweet. :O
  7. Extani

    Digital Art (NSFW? Elements of Candy Gore) [CLOSED]

    I'm looking for a full-color, full-body drawing (at least down to his knees) of my fursona Exie dressed and styled as an Orgette, having just been sliced in two by an unseen opponent. (Such is life for a henchman.) Here's all my references because I like to overwhelm with details. :p My...
  8. Extani

    Not Getting Lost in the Crowd

    Honestly, there are only so many combinations. Plus you're talking about a community full of characters that cover the gambit of species, colors, and patterns. Standing out in this crowd seems like a tall order. At the end of the day, I believe you'll get the most enjoyment out of a character...