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  1. roido

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Moodboard Custom Adopts (OPEN 4/4)

    I need to raise some money so I can see my best friend! Put these together in hopes that'll happen These adopts are all going to be original drawings so no base :> which means there will be WIP sketches and a wait time Example of a finished adopt (www.furaffinity.net: Finished Custom by roido)...
  2. roido

    Black Friday Commissions SALE (CLOSED)

    Hello! I am offering a sale on chibis and full body commissions! Full bodies are 25$ each with 13$ per extra character Chibis are 8$ each with 5$ per extra character Ask about backgrounds and props Please read my terms of service HERE FULL BODY SLOTS: 0/2 CHIBI SLOTS: 0/2 Contact me...
  3. roido

    High Quality Commissions For Sale -OPEN-

    Please visit my website for any and all information ABOUT AND CONTACT: roidoabout.carrd.co: roido about TOS: roidotos.carrd.co: roido TOS PRICES: roidoprices.carrd.co: roido's prices Examples
  4. roido

    Draw my bf's oc

    The oc in question! Neck, cheeks, and stomachs are translucent, long tongue, fangs, galaxy isn't consistent, anything else you need lmk, can't find an artist I wanna see draw them so trying this~! ^^^ got colors from there!
  5. roido

    Wanna Draw My Sona?

    If you need something to draw then look no further! Feel free to draw this sona :> I'll be super grateful! Might even draw you something in return if I'm up for it! :>
  6. roido


    www.furaffinity.net: SHARK ADOPT (OPEN) by roido-adopts 10$ shark adopt! all original art :>
  7. roido

    Affordable Adopts!

    Made an adopt account and there's already a good amount of adopts for sale! www.furaffinity.net: FISH CREATURE ADOPT (OPEN) by roido-adopts www.furaffinity.net: DEER ADOPT (OPEN) by roido-adopts www.furaffinity.net: ICE RAT ADOPT (OPEN) by roido-adopts www.furaffinity.net: Goop Ghost Adopt...
  8. roido

    Practicing Drawing From Written Descriptions (closed)

    Hello!! I want to open adopt customs and I want to practice making something off of a written description to better myself before opening them! If you want to help me comment a description of a design either of something existing or something new! No guarantee I will draw it but I'll try my...
  9. roido

    15$ Reference Sheet YCH

    Go here for more info!! --> www.furaffinity.net: CHIBI CHARACTER REF YCH by roido Contact me on FA if interested!