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  1. purcival

    $10 sketch commissions & more

    ----- It's been a while, fA, but I'm back with commissions; and hopefully soon some new & interesting pieces~ Unfortunately I have mostly my school art & character designs at the moment. I’ll be taking probably about 5 or 6 at a time, depending on complexity. Paypal & USD only. I can do more...
  2. purcival

    Selling Waist ups/Busts, Digital Badges!

    Hi everyone! Doing some quick waist ups for a convention portfolio, and digital badges - meaning you must be able to laminate and etc yourself. (However, in the near future, I'll be able to laminate myself, so if you've ordered a badge now and don't mind waiting after the digital is finished...
  3. purcival

    looking to do an art trade or two!

    i'm currently taking on a couple commissions, but i love doing art trades too, so i want to do one! or, maybe two! post with references and some text about your oc!!!! things.... just note this isn't first come first serve! :< sorry im a little picky picky. i like to match trade for trade...
  4. purcival

    $5+ Sketches!

    $5+ Sketches (open), YCH AUCTIONS (open) hi! just recently finished a couple things, so i'm opening more slots for commissions and doing some YCH Auctions! here's my commission page but if you don't want to go that far, here's the rundown: style 1 | style 2 Prices, all in USD: no...