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  1. Zestence

    Team Fortress 2

    Team Fortress 2 is made of pure awesomeness, it´s cool to see a different game every once in a while. About the graphics: TF2 has impressive graphics, i like the cartoonish/pixar style looks of the game, it creates a unique atmosphere. Classes and their characters are very well designed, i...
  2. Zestence

    Best/ Worst(or hardest)/Most Annoying Boss Fights ever

    I haven´t played games with boss fights in a long time, latest was probably GUN for ps2. Most memorable annoying boss was Dr. N. Gin from Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped...but there were lots which i can´t remember anymore. I prefer large final battles over fighting against one superior boss.
  3. Zestence

    Things you can't just put down.

    Yea, there is no way to beat it on veteran unless you follow a pattern and master it... Level begins, sprint and knife the guy coming from the toilet and immediately headshot the one at the end of the left room, sprint half across the room, flashbang, cover, *pof*, go go go! When the counter...
  4. Zestence

    Things you can't just put down.

    yes, that´s the one. The level is usually easy, even on hardened, but on veteran the time is reduced to 1 minute (and of course you die more easily etc.), single mistake and you can already tell you failed.
  5. Zestence


    BLACK was a good enough game. Story was horrible, the cutscenes were paint to watch, couldn´t bother to pay attention (i just wanted to skip them all)...and i had no idea what was going on even when i had finished the game...i quess you were supposed to locate someone and kill him or...
  6. Zestence

    Things you can't just put down.

    GTA series...1 and 2 were something nice and different when they came out..and the newer games (from gta III and up) i played so much i almost hate them now :wink: Currently, it´s COD4...i have played the storyline, BUT i refuse the quit playing it before i have beaten "mile high club" on...
  7. Zestence

    Command and Conquer

    I have red alert 1-2 and tiberium wars 1 and 2 were awesome games both, i loved the cutscenes...pure classic. Gameplay was awesome too...and i still play RA2 online sometimes. When it comes to cnc3, it really doesn´t have the atmosphere from the previous games, sadly, but it´s still one...
  8. Zestence

    Howdy all, The not so Great Britan dude Entered the Building

    you need a separate account for the main page, however the registeration is down for now...i think it was supposed to be up by the end of the week... and welcome :D
  9. Zestence

    Anyone on Call Of Duty 4?

    I tried the demo today and its awesome enough to go on my buy list. Graphics = great...even thought i had my doubts if my 8600GT would be able to run it smoothly...it did. Modern setting is also good, i have seen normandy and germany like thousand times already :roll:
  10. Zestence

    Flat Earth Society.

    FlatEarthSociety forums behold, the flat earth society forums :D I sometimes visit that forum for the sake of good debate...and nothing beats a debate agains people that believe in rediculous things.
  11. Zestence

    Your favorite bands.

    In no particular order: Judas Priest Metallica Megadeth Steppenwolf Guns n roses Twisted sisters AC/DC Skid Row there are more, classic rock ftw! :D
  12. Zestence

    Learn to ride a bike with raccoons

    Almost every european country has it that way (with few exceptions). :roll:
  13. Zestence

    Gears Of War - DX10 does jack

    I laughed so hard when i heard GoW was coming to PC. I remembered all those people saying they buy x360 just to play GoW... about DX10 thought, it does improve lighting quality and realism, comparison pics dont do justice to the real deal. Crysis has pretty nice DX10 pics where light gets...
  14. Zestence

    card games

    no worries, i have seen worse...
  15. Zestence

    card games

    darkeralan, its very difficult to read your posts...im still not sure what the last one said...
  16. Zestence

    card games

    DO NOT diss pokemon boyo, they were awesome when i was still in the trading card age!
  17. Zestence

    salted nuts

    did sum1 say grammer nazis? :D welcome, and remember, internets is serious business.
  18. Zestence

    what CD / DVD burning program is good?

    I use nero and its the best burning software i have ever had
  19. Zestence

    Best use of atmospheric music in any game?

    Half-life 2 :D why? Because it doesnt have much, but has the few clips well placed. In most games (like MoH, CoD 2, BLACK etc...) i just turn music off because it sometimes causes me not to hear enemies.
  20. Zestence

    Can I borrow 1.5 Million dollars?

    we dont have the funds for the evil underground base to make the virus at... propaganda posters! If every furry would donate a dollar we would have the 1.5 million dollars quickly, and some extra for the sharks with lasers!