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  1. Wolf E. Urameshi


    I realized I was charging too much in my commissions, so I made a new thread. More details can be found here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2105500/ Please help me if you can, I'm in graduate school and it's taking a toll on my parents, so most of this is to help them. Thank you.
  2. Wolf E. Urameshi

    On critique

    I'm making a separate thread about this because it's not relevant to my other thread here. You see, ever since I can remember, I have always had severe problems managing critique. I know they mean well even though they always hurt. But it's hard for me to accept it. Because of just that: it...
  3. Wolf E. Urameshi

    My Journey as an Absolute Rookie: sketches and arts

    This is part of a pseudo-sketchblog I'll keep here as part of my efforts to master the beauty of drawing. I will try my best to update it everyday, which means that, following the awesome "Journey of an Absolute Rookie" thread in ConceptArt.org example set forth by Jonathan, I will try my best...
  4. Wolf E. Urameshi

    Reference sheet request

    I am in dire need of a reference sheet as the pictures I'm giving and the written references are a bit hard to understand for some, so I'd like to kindly request a reference sheet. My character's details are as follows: http://wolfurameshi.deviantart.com/art/Wolf-E-Urameshi-collab-60187114...
  5. Wolf E. Urameshi

    Laptop screen woes :(

    ...Oh, Christ. Okay, so I'm using my laptop just fine, but for some reason the screen is... blinking. Like, from dim to normal. What is wrong, I wonder? Any ideas? Thanks for the help- I need it urgently, since my laptop is for school work.
  6. Wolf E. Urameshi

    Quick question regarding anthro dragons...

    I had posted this in my journal before but I thought this was a way to get help quicker. :P Please help me on this one. I'm looking for anthro dragons that have appeared in games. I can manage finding the sprites and pics- it's to help a forum I'm in with something, after all. Problem is, I...
  7. Wolf E. Urameshi

    ...I lack confidence. Any help please? TT_TT

    ...Um, well, this is awkward. I seem to not have confidence at all. I don't know what's happening to me, but everytime I draw... I'm scared. I guess I'm an easy target for seasoned pros who only dedicate themselves to say "HA! I CAN DRAW IF YOU CAN'T! DEAL WITH IT!!" No one's insulted me...
  8. Wolf E. Urameshi

    iPod or Zune?

    I'm planning to get an mp3 player anytime soon, but now I am caught up with a question: which is better, Zune, or iPod? I dunno >_< Help? Thanks!
  9. Wolf E. Urameshi

    Request Again -original thread deleted-

    Hello. I had originally made a request thread before, but someone pointed out a capital mistake that reflected my egoism. Therefore, I'd like to apologize to everyone for being an asshole. Now for the thing: I'm kindly making a small request to see if someone wishes to draw a rendition of my...
  10. Wolf E. Urameshi

    Open for Art Trades!

    I'm still training as an artist, and as such I'm looking to boost my art talent, so I'm looking for people to engage in art trades with. If anyone wants to accept the request, post away or drop me a PM. Only three at a time, please-that means the first three people to post, I'll do. Also, at the...
  11. Wolf E. Urameshi


    Hi everyone! My name is Wolf E. Urameshi, I am a Lupine Dragon and I have been at FA for a while now, though I only recently started drawing. It's been a hard path, and it certainly will be, but I'll pull through! As for me, I am but a humble Puerto Rican fanfiction and fiction writer, as well...