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    California Drought, Dipshit Neighbor.

    why do people wash their sidewalk so much anyway. is your sidewallk too good to be filthy like the rest of the street? pretentious punk. had a neighbor who would do it every 3 days or so.
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    Just found out my friend is in one of the cringiest videos of the Brony fandom

    sometimes I want to purge bronies from this earth but then I remember Toshabi is somehow one of them. sometimes life makes no sense.
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    Dog paw pads (IRL)

    Cheetos, you say? I hope you're happy MissFleece and OP, you just gave a bunch of fat furfag dog owners some new recipe ideas.Hope the pawless puppies haunt your dreams.
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    Vote for the shitposting king and queen 2015

    hairdressers often omit that part, glad your life didn't end
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    Vote for the shitposting king and queen 2015

    I still remember that time I made fun of your first world problems when you were crying on the forums over your bad haircut, and everyone ganged up on me because UR PROBLEMZ WERE REAL and I got suspended. Good times, Gibby, good times. How's your hair?
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    The Religion Thread

    I thought I told you atheists not to ruin this thread. If religion is bullshit, how come we have souls? How come the universe seems to have been created to work with such perfection? How come so many people feel comforted by God's presence and follow his Word to this day? There are some things...
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    The Religion Thread

    It's been a long time since we've had a healthy discussion on anything holy in these parts. With the state things are right know, I feel as though we need this. What do you believe in? What was the latest thing you've done that's made you feel more spritually connected to God? Atheists, please...
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    Going to Weasyl

    stop it you're making me cry ;[
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    Um...whats going on?

    you gonna stop me
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    ew lose some weight man
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    Going to Weasyl

    uuh online forums stress me out, uuuuh, dramaa look at meee
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    Um...whats going on?

    go away newfag
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    Rp thread (starship yifferprise )

    c'mon panda perfect timing for one of your stories
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    it's been done already blanka
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    Confessions Thread

    you americans are fucking savages. do you know what a bidet is? wash your filthy ass, disgusting pig
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    The end of an era

    this feels like home