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  1. LordWibble

    Project Zero (Fatal Frame) IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse.

    A WARNING: This game, including trailers etc is not for the faint-hearted. Finally, a mature Wii title to get excited about! Here we have the fourth instalment of the Fatal Frame series (known as Project Zero to those in Europe and Australia), exclusive to Wii. Lots of footage has been released...
  2. LordWibble

    Fallout 3 Banned in Australia

    Well, it's official. The OFLC are 'tards. Fallout 3 has been refused classification, which means Australia is either not getting the game, or one with content removed. LONG LIVE IMPORTING!!! For more information about the ban, click here.
  3. LordWibble

    Have you noticed any changes since you discovered/admitted you were a furry?

    I recently discovered I was a furry, and as short as a month later, my drawing ability has increased at a rate of knots. I've also found myself drawing, writing and reading a lot more (previously I pretty much did nothing but play videogames). Have you noticed any changes in yourself since you...
  4. LordWibble

    Good Morning

    Okay, so it's 8:30 at night here, but my preferred method of greeting is the least of my idiosyncrasies. Good morning to you all. Not much to say about me. I'm an otter, I can draw decently for my age, but mostly prefer the written word. Oh, and I have been known to murderate those who defame...