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  1. Tf'd Toucan

    A (digi)fakemon team

    I have been watching digimon tamers, and adventure 02, and saw how vastly different they are. The newer seasons I am not really a fan of, so I thought i would be cool to get bak into the 02 swing of things. I have one here http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9502761/ who else wants to have a team...
  2. Tf'd Toucan

    Season 2 of Digimon

    Season 1 of digimon, is what i have been watching no problem. Its all on Youtube in english, but i have been having tons of trouble finding a source for season 2, the one that i would prefer to watch. Anyone know where to find a good spot?
  3. Tf'd Toucan

    so I came back to one of my favorite things...

    I decided to start working with Digimon, something I had not really seen since i was a kid, so now I went back to it. All I can say is 'Holy Shit! I missed a lot of stuff. What are the best things i missed since season 1
  4. Tf'd Toucan


    Image your fursona if he/she had a complete and utter opposite. Dorado- A pheonix, whom has been granted the powers of transforming others, and quite a profound theif. An opposite would be a Raven who creates turns people to mind slaves to lead an army.
  5. Tf'd Toucan


    Zombies have gone through a lot of changes throughout the years, starting with George Romero's original movies, and now branching off into everything else. Here are some things that zombies are traited with Outbreaks: spontaneous rising of the dead radiation poisoning pandemics of disease...
  6. Tf'd Toucan

    who are those requests hounds

    When people see free art requests, they go right in, and try to nab a slot. I want to know just how many of us do that, because every once in a while you find that one thread that is full with requests. How does are competition look.
  7. Tf'd Toucan

    Interesting, maybe disturbing, facts

    I you go anywhere on the internet you can find some pretty interesting facts... anything from Alpha Clown fish turn to girls if the only female dies Chickens grow twice as fast and twice as big from chemical feeds Not all objects work with a touch screen because electrical currents work them...
  8. Tf'd Toucan

    Need someone from the USA

    This fantastic artist recieved an awkward commission (by me), but unfortunately for him the card only works in america. If you want to take it off his hands, or want to commission him yourself, her is his page. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jagal/
  9. Tf'd Toucan

    strange commsission

    so yea, you read the title. Is anyone able to to a reference sheet (or something similar) for fifty dollars) here is the only problem i have a visa vanilla card, and paypal will not accept gift cards or prepaid ones. The card is still at the full fifty, and can make online purchases on ebay or...
  10. Tf'd Toucan

    Taking a few requests

    I am in a serious slump right now, and need some inspiration. I know i am not the best, heck, you have probably never heard of me, but that is why i am opening up to the furry public. If you want a free request visit my page at http://www.furaffinity.net/user/playfingers/ The things i will...
  11. Tf'd Toucan

    Say something memorable

    Title basically says it all i got the inspiration from a proverb that doesn't exist stating "He who says something that others will say, will tend to say it more often
  12. Tf'd Toucan

    I need of a visual reference

    I am tight on money right now, and need a picture of my favorite character. look at my avatar on my page http://www.furaffinity.net/user/playfingers/ As you can tell from my Avatar, i need a full body of her. The head is right there for you to look at, but wait there is more. She is...
  13. Tf'd Toucan

    One for all, but mostly all for one

    Have you ever had that one character that you can't get enough of, been trying to redeem that interest in him, or her, or it. Well, i'm sure a good plenty tried to make different variations of that character, but there is only so many you can think up on your own. This thread is dedicated to...
  14. Tf'd Toucan

    Difficult TF writing

    I am a writer on FA, and an interesting idea crossed my mind. What do you think would be the hardest detail to work with in a transformation story. Whether its a location, trigger, time period, species selection, backstory, reactions, and anything else of which you can think. In my personal...
  15. Tf'd Toucan


    Halloween is right around the corner (or maybe not) but you can still get into the sprit. Personally i love any kind of transformation, and i sure there are more so how about a poll. when halloween comes around, what do you like to see the most I dont know how to work polls, so just post it...
  16. Tf'd Toucan

    An opposite gender equivelent

    Well everyone has there fursona, and i bet that a majority of you all have some sort of opposing gender counterpart of yourself, so why not tell us about him or her.
  17. Tf'd Toucan

    Take part in a story be me

    I am starting a new story that i really want to happen and by making it extra special i am including the community. I am holding a contest for a few roles in the story: The Dealer: a creature who waits at the entrance to the world, who gives out cards to them that predict their fate...