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  1. WingDog


    I am looking for an artist to draw my character in a bit of a dark situation, details will be discussed with artist I choose. Just want a simple black and white possibly shaded sketch. Will see with what examples get provided. I have $50 to put up for this if it can also be done within the next...
  2. WingDog

    toony commission

    I would like to hire someone for a toony picture. Of someone blowing bubbles into traffic and my character running after them. A triangular warning sign showing the character running into traffic after bubbles. Budget of $50 Sorry about formatting typing on my phone.
  3. WingDog

    Sketch Request

    Was wondering if anyone would be willing to do just a quick doodle/sketch thing for me please. I came up with a character today as more of a kind of joke and such. But an Anthro Flea lifting a bar bell, wearing the striped bodysuit/trunks that the stereotypical circus weight lifters would wear...
  4. WingDog

    8 Gallon Action Packer

    So I am headed off to FC this January and am flying with my resin based fursuit head for the first time. I do not want this thing under the plane for reasons that last year they almost lost my bag and other fursuit, which would have ruined my weekend. I also do not want this unprotected in the...
  5. WingDog

    Room needed for FC

    Just found out tonight that I can make FC. I will be arriving the 16'th and leaving the 20'th. I can pay cash/paypal. I am a suiter, but am very clean and don't take up much space. I can sleep on the floor if you have space available there
  6. WingDog

    Double Sided badge

    First and foremost I am looking to spend 30-40 for this badge and a couple extra for whatever it costs to have it laminated and shipped to me. If I need to spend a little more for quality that is fine. I really don't have a defined budget. I am looking for someone that can follow details as...
  7. WingDog

    8 gallon action packer

    Does anyone know if the 8 gallon action packer will fit in Southwests overhead bins? I don't want my head going under the plane for various reasons and would prefer to have it as a carry on, but do not want to get on the plane to find that it will not fit. Already called Southwest and they...
  8. WingDog

    Bug/Site Problem: Can see mature thumbnails

    Currently on my FA in my submissions I can see a mature thumbnail, thinking the artist just misrated the image, but when I click it it gives me the error message of not being able to view the image due to my settings being set to general audience only. I realize I can just delete the image, but...
  9. WingDog

    Badge for FC

    Looking to commission a badge for FC that has my characters new name (Faux Pas) and someone who can please print, laminate and ship it to me. I am looking to spend $30 As to what I would like the badge to look like, is a half body/bust of my character wearing a turquoise blue dress shirt, arms...
  10. WingDog

    Need help removing name.

    I am thinking of a name change for my Fursona and was wondering if it was possible to remove the name on a piece I had commissioned. I have tried myself and failed horribly. Anyone that could please help me do this will be showered with my appreciation. I would ask the original artist, but they...
  11. WingDog

    Further Confusion Room Needed

    Short sweet and to the point. I am in need of a Room spot for FC 2013. I am a fursuiter, keep my stuff picked up, don't smoke and don't drink or if I do, it's very little. I will be arriving on the 17'th early in the morning and leaving on the 21'st mid afternoon. Hit me up here or on my FA or...
  12. WingDog

    cooling vests

    So, I am looking into getting a cooling vest for fursuiting but was wondering about a couple thing. First everyone says to get the Phase Changing Packs, because they are cold but not too cold and actual ice packs can cause damage to skin tissue. Option A...
  13. WingDog

    Made a mustache for my fursuit!

    Bored and wanted something fun to do. It needs a lot of work and I am in the process of making a second one that won't have seams around the edges. Tell me what you think! Also I need an alternative to the elastic band, any ideas?
  14. WingDog

    New Character (Don't take seriously or do, I don't care.)

    So I was extremely bored and decided to have a little fun and make a raver, party, hipster (hate that term) douche. Who knows maybe one day I will have a suit made of him and you will see him at cons : P (probably not) This is mainly for my records. I don't have MS office and notepad hates me...
  15. WingDog

    Birthday Request!

    So not just an hour ago I turned 22! the most boring of all Birthdays. Nothing exciting happens, I can already drink and I don't get a discount on car insurance yet. (25 will be a time to party) So I would love if anyone could make my Birthday a bit more entertaining (keeping it clean though)...
  16. WingDog

    Reference Sheet (Hiring)

    Bout time for me to finally get a reference sheet for my anthro character. Don't need anything too spectacular. 2 sided view, with 2 head shots to show detail on either side of the head unless you can do it with just the two sides. But tell me what you can do and for how much. Also looking to...
  17. WingDog

    Outdoor Feetpaws (Hiring)

    So I made my own bodysuit and miscalculated how much fur I would need and well.....yeah, I have a shit ton of it left, So....I need feetpaws because my Happy Feet slippers just are not as cool as feet. They are plain white, with black claws and of course outdoor soles. Tell me what brand shoe...
  18. WingDog

    Cooling neck wraps

    So I was wearing my suit around the other day and kept getting really hot (surprise right?) So I began to research other ways to stay cool inside a suit when I came across these http://www.polarbreezebandanas.com/ They are these neck wraps that you soak in water for about 30 minutes and then...
  19. WingDog

    fursuit head measurement

    So what is the approx space you want in a fursuit head. for example my head is about 22-23 inches. the head I am looking at buying is already made and says it is 25 inches and under, but how big is too big? Considering I may also be measuring wrong in the first place.
  20. WingDog

    Fursuit Maker

    I am in need of a fursuit maker, You must have pics of previous works to be considered. I am looking for these things. 1: Partial suit, only 2 colors. Black and White 2: Toony Style, Toony eyes, teeth, tongue, would like 4 finger handpaws no claws 3: Can be built on balaclava or just foam...