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  1. Vgm22

    Looking For An Artist

    Need help in finding an artist that has a art style some what like www.furaffinity.net/user/faint has, cause I have this idea for art that's been driving me insane. I would ask Faint to do this commission, but I wanna give someone else a go, since I do have a bit of money in my paypal account...
  2. Vgm22

    Anyone Willing To Do My Forms? (Requesting)

    Since my sona is a shapeshifter, I have many anthro forms that I turn into, 24 in total. Not to mention that those said 24 forms can into demons as my sona is half demon himself, so those are different descriptions that I also have to work on. Anyway, since I'm not an artist myself, I was...
  3. Vgm22

    Computer Help

    Ok, all you tech people. Need your help again. Well seeing as I got some nice help for my one problem about my computer squeeking at me and figured out what it was. Someone linked to HijackThis and now I'm wondering how to fix the things that need to be fixed. Could you techy people look at...
  4. Vgm22

    My Computer Squeaks At Me. O_o

    Ok, I'm going to turn to the tech people here as to why this happens. My computer squeaks at me sometimes. It all started after my Norton's caught and killed a Trojan virus, trying to get into my computer. After restarting my computer when it told me to, so it could finish removing the virus...
  5. Vgm22

    Music That Gets Stuck In Your Head!

    What song(s) or parts of a song gets stuck in your head? What's the most annoying song(s) or part of a song that has evey crawled into your head and just stuck with you for a while? Anyway, I know this has happened to everyone, once in awhile and for the few of us many times. For me it's...