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  1. ziK

    Draw/mail some doodles and stuff ($5)

    WHAT: Art mailers COST: $5 (+, if you like) SLOTS: 10 Here's the scoop. I'm going to draw actual pictures of actual things and send them to actual people in the mail. I'm driving 2,500 miles to grad school in three weeks and I have an abundance of stamps/envelopes as well as index cards, paper...
  2. ziK

    Looking for two separate artists (flat color w/background)

    I'd like to get two videogame-themed commissions. If you're worried about Shigeru Miyamoto suing you over furry fan art, this won't be the job for you. It'd really just be my typical blue otter (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/zik/) in one of two game settings. Simple background, maybe with...
  3. ziK

    Separation of Journal and Submission Watches

    When will this be implemented? It's probably the most detracting part of the site.
  4. ziK

    Full-body colored sketch

    Potentially hiring a cheap sketch, full-body, colored. I'd like to know who's actively hiring and reads these and what their rates are. If you need any more information, please let me know :)
  5. ziK

    RMFC Art Prize Volunteers

    RMFC Art Prize Volunteers (FREE PROMOTION!) Hiya! This is Zik, one of the organizers of the video game tournaments at Rocky Mountain Fur Con from August 10-12 in Denver, Colorado. With some collaboration from the convention book printer/designer I'm trying to get some prizes for the winners of...
  6. ziK

    Prints/Selling Art

    First of all, yes, this totally belongs in The Den... I think. There are a lot of legitimately talented artists in the fandom. *You* personally must know at least one, unless you live in a cave, and even then that's no excuse because this is 2012 and caves are WiFi-equipped and you're on the FA...
  7. ziK

    The Japanese Fandom

    I've been thinking about the development of furry as its own fandom in Japan. The art and social interaction seem significantly different and I wanted to hear some different opinions on it. Kemono is of course also worthy of discussion. Eventually, I'd like to ask some Japanese furries about the...
  8. ziK

    Journal cut/hide

    Is there a way to cut/hide parts of a journal that appear on your profile? Like, just display an intro paragraph and leave the rest in the journal that people can see if they click "read more"?
  9. ziK

    Translation from pen/pencil to digital art

    Hi! I'm using crude scans/photos of some pretty simple sketches to try to turn it into decent digital work, but the translation is a little tricky. I'm using GIMP and occasionally Paint for simple patchwork. Using some tools to increase the brightness/contrast can give a really rough outline...
  10. ziK

    Clean 2-character colored art

    Looking for a relatively cheap commission of my character and a dragon character. Clean art, we have a setting in mind and all that, kinda nice and cuddly and cute and stuff :3 Anyone think they can help? edit: Scene is the two cuddling on a bus. Oh, and the dragon will be wearing a suit, otter...
  11. ziK

    first commissioned character drawing

    looking for prices from different users on my character, which can be found below. full body, fully colored and everything preferred but i would like your pricing on other stuff too. this is the first time i've ever had this done so i'd like this to be a cooperative project where we can actually...
  12. ziK

    my first reference sheet?

    i'm completely new to this and all things furry, so i'd like to know if anyone could help me get a reference sheet to start out with my character. Species: Otter Colors: Cerulean blue general color, light blue chest, inner thighs, etc Gender: Male Age: 20 Height: ~6' Hair: Auburn, 6" long or so...