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  1. Alif

    Hi there again, I guess

    Hi there again, I guess
  2. Alif

    Shower Thoughts

    Shower thought 29: I wonder how many crumbs have already been collected in my keyboard...
  3. Alif

    Game: Change one letter of a 4-letter word

  4. Alif

    Shower Thoughts

    I couldn't find any threads for this, either because I don't dig deep enough, or there is actually no thread for this. Here is where I will (and you can too probably) post my thoughts I randomly get from some type of solitude... Shower thought #1: The word "Go" is actually a complete...
  5. Alif

    theory: Fara Phoenix is a Middle Eastern fennec

    Slow down there. You're rambling on. But interests me... What exactly are you going for here?
  6. Alif

    You reckon it's hot down here in Texas? It's already been.

    You reckon it's hot down here in Texas? It's already been.
  7. Alif

    Honestly Need Some Critique

    Reading through, b-back tomorrow... I'll message in conversation instead of posting here, keep a look out.
  8. Alif

    Game: Post a picture as a response to the user above you

    Images, not whole comics please...
  9. Alif

    My Moth Fursona

    NOW I see the Invader Zim posts, lol. Within the My Life as a Teenage Robot community, there was a versus, "Who would win?" XJ-9 "Jenny" Wakeman vs. Invader Zim They finally meet again. Cool lookin' fursona though!
  10. Alif

    My Moth Fursona

    This kinda reminds me of XJ-9's face, does it not look similar?
  11. Alif

    "Then you had better wash your bowl." -Joshu

    "Then you had better wash your bowl." -Joshu
  12. Alif

    Any other Little/Baby/Diaper Furs?

    ABDL? What is ABDL? Google says: Adult Baby Diaper Lover?
  13. Alif

    Critique a thing

    Nice! So do you have plans to rewrite this, and/or make the story longer? Or you just haven't released the whole story yet and needed some critiques on a part?
  14. Alif

    Critique a thing

    Hmmm... This is pretty awesome. I didn't know if I could've critiqued anything on my first read-through. Line 26, specifically, makes me wonder when this would take place. Line 26 reads: "This guy's a furry! We'll have to airlift him to Mission-" Could this mean there is a political...
  15. Alif

    Hi There!

    Modern era tank: M1A2 Abrams SEP V3 It's biased though. Thanks.
  16. Alif

    Hi There!

    I cannot disclose my real name. BUT! I love tanks and آ the double Alif for some reason. *wink !مرحبا I've seen people dress up, draw, design and regard themselves as "Furries" or whatever, and at some point I became intrigued. Whilst typing this, I've realised one thing: I DO KNOW THE WAE...
  17. Alif

    Oh, hi there!

    Oh, hi there!