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  1. Z

    "Sorry, I was AFK."

    So IIRC, I was last posting around April/May time - I don't know if we are allowed to post threads about returning after absences so if we aren't sorry :O Anyway yeah, I had to stop using the internet as much as I used to and unfortunately FAF didn't really make the cut of stuff that I use when...
  2. Z

    Tumblr HTML help?

    Hello! I'm trying to change my Tumblr theme around a bit, and part of what I want to do is give the webpage a random background image each refresh. I made a random number generator for it in JavaScript with the help of some free online code and it looks something like this: <script...
  3. Z

    Studying/Revision Techniques?

    So, I dunno about you guys but where I live, exam season is coming up. Anyone who lives in the UK should know that all GCSE exams are now moved to Summer of Year 11, and that any exams this year will be mock exams. Now, we've all been given our revision and study guides in order to prepare for...
  4. Z

    How did you learn to draw?

    So I was looking for a new hobby that consume some of the many free hours I get during the day - most days. All my life I've had a complete inability to draw, although I think it was down to sheer laziness and lack of interest on my part. I thought to myself that I should at least try to improve...
  5. Z


    Hey, I'm Zuranis, but my real name's Josh. Call me either, I don't mind really! So I got introduced to this fandom when my skills at my hobbies were depleted to their lowest. I had extreme writer's block, I had lost the ability to write music and I needed a new hobby. One day, I was skulking...