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  1. DarkoKavinsky

    Ask this bat anything!

    I am bored! Come furry community. Give me entertainment with silly nonsensical or totally serious questions.
  2. DarkoKavinsky

    Bat wings suggestion?

    i got a partial but I need to make wings. Any ideas or decent examples?
  3. DarkoKavinsky

    Going to Austin Texas. Suggestions on what to do?

    Okay guys I'm a clueless idiot and I'm going down there from 13-17 any suggestions on things to do or see?
  4. DarkoKavinsky

    Any gearheads out there?

    I know we have an auto appreciation thread but any of other furs know the joys of skinning your knuckles against an engine block, and actually enjoy it? I mean I enjoy wrenching anything old with a motor. I'd consider myself to be a hotrodder and part of the vintage iron scene. So fellow furs...
  5. DarkoKavinsky

    Any advice for getting up and going?

    This may be directed best at the grey muzzles or older folk who might have experience with this type of deal. I fucking detest where I am. It is a dead end state where there's no positives. I've been stuck here for awhile and even when I had a relationship me and (my fiancée) at the time...
  6. DarkoKavinsky

    Getting drunk Ask me anything!

    Title states it I had a terrible week so I'm chugging booze and devouring dark chocolate covered expresso beans.
  7. DarkoKavinsky

    Any bladesmiths or metal workers out there?

    *drops the ceiling!* Hello! I have an inquiry if there's anybody who has ever hammered or forged metal amongst our midst. This is something I really want to get into, so I am curious if anybody else out there does this on the side or even has a collection of nice blades and etc. It doesn't...
  8. DarkoKavinsky

    Grey Ace Furs out there?

    Just curious to know if there's any grey ace furs out there. I'm a demisexual myself and it's kind of hard finding other people who are well... aces. Had another demisexual contact me today which brightened up my day. So I wonder if there's more out there in the gray ace spectrum. Or heck...