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  1. ssaannttoo

    Scandalous Rumors!

    We've all heard rumors running around here on the forums. Well here we get to make them >:3 It's really quite simple, When making your post all you gotta do is make up a rumor about the poster above you. Make it as simple, wacky, outrageous or spectacular as you'd like! Try keeping it as SFW as...
  2. ssaannttoo

    Art Critique!!

    Hello there everybody! I've recently started doing some animation. I know it isn't very good, but I would certainly like some tips and tricks! Thank you very much!
  3. ssaannttoo

    Art Critique?

    Hello there everybody! I've been doing a bunch of digital art on my own, and for my family. I made this one for fun, and I was actually really happy with how it turned out. But I was also really interested in what the furry artist thought! Don't be afraid to be brutally honest on this one, I...
  4. ssaannttoo

    Martial Art Furs

    Heya everyone out there, just a little forum for the furs who train, teach, or love martial arts to get together and talk! I understand that martial arts isn't the most "popular" sport and I'm wonder who else out there loves the discipline! Martial arts can be many different things. It could be...
  5. ssaannttoo

    What does the user above you dream about?

    Whatcha gotta do is say what the Avatar above you frequently dreams about! Lets see how horribly this goes!
  6. ssaannttoo

    Looking for erp Partner

    Heya everybody, I am a bi male looking erp partners. I've been kinda bored lately and was looking to have some fun! I am relatively literate (ie. some random grammar and spelling mistakes) and I am alright with most kinks (Minus vore, scat, WS, TF, vomit, and gore). I was looking to have this rp...