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  1. Niedlich the Wolf

    Yet Another AMA

    Alright, since I've made like no threads and this is a trend rn and it looks fun so go ahead and ask away!
  2. Niedlich the Wolf

    I'm done

    That's it. I've had enough of this place as nobody here likes me. You all throw me away like trash and this isn't helping me. Screw you all.
  3. Niedlich the Wolf

    Profile picture

    I just need a head shot for a profile picture and have no money to spare... ahh nobody will probably care for me. Any way the eyes are both green, the fur is blue, no mane, wolf (obviously), male, tips of ears are black, no other markings stripes or scars. Anyone think this is good enough if a...
  4. Niedlich the Wolf


    I'm a new fur to the fandom and have been in it for 3-4 weeks but I can tell that I love it despite its flaws.