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  1. Fell

    Need a pic for a gift PLZ HELP

    tomorrow is my boyfriend's b-day i woulsd like to surprise him with a picture can someone please help me it is a dragon cuddling a werewolf please help its to make him very happy.:D
  2. Fell

    Can someone please

    Can someone please draw my Fursona of a Werewolf/lizardman features kinda muslue toned but not too bulky and with a bit pleasE? the eyes are yellow wit a scar on its right eyes in the shape of a cresecent shaped moon.
  3. Fell

    Does anyone live near....

    does anyone live near Acworth Ga because im looking to meet new peoples around my area.
  4. Fell


    can i still be a fur even thou im a Werewolf/lizard Hybrid i mean i love wolves as well XD but my fursona is a black wolf with yellow eyes and a cresent moon shaped scar on its right eye so does that count against me for being a Werewolf/Lizard Hybrid?:confused:
  5. Fell

    Hi everyone

    hello everyone i signed up a few days ago and was exploring the art and other forums and i realized i found out that i have found the best site to visit but i was wondering if i will make any friends :( well like i said im very new here and would love to make new friends.