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  1. Kanic

    Settlers of Catan

    I have wood for sheep
  2. Kanic

    Furfright 2013

    Who's goin? :D
  3. Kanic

    Trading Card Sales

    First off, no I'm not selling anything here. Just lookin for some advice. I have a bunch of old Yu gi oh and Magic: The Gathering cards laying around. I haven't played either in years, and don't plan to pick it up again any time soon. I'm sure some of them are valued by somebody Was...
  4. Kanic

    Just in Time debugging pop up

    This morning after I turned on my laptop, I started getting this popup on my desktop about every 5 minutes or so. It's not affecting my PC in any way other than being a pain in the ass and screwing with AIM. Here's a screenshot of what's coming up I have looked through a lot of Google...
  5. Kanic

    Banned from furnet?

    EDIT: Problem resolved. Thanks for any assitance :3 I went to log into Furnet today on mIRC. However, as I was about to login, it disconnected me and gave me this message "Your IP is listed in the DroneBL" It gave me a link, and when I went to it, it told me that I was running an insecure...
  6. Kanic

    German Shepherds at FCN

    To all of my fellow german shepherds out there that will be attending FCN, lend me your ears. Back in January during Further Confusion 2010, a friend and fellow shepherd of mine organized a GSD photoshoot. It was met with great success, as we were able to round up many other shepherds for a...
  7. Kanic

    Are starting these games worth it?

    Since I'm in Iraq, I've missed out on a lot of good game titles. The two I most hear about is Left 4 Dead and COD WaW However, I know that Left 4 Dead 2 and the next COD Modern Warfare game is coming out very soon. So I'm wondering. Would it be worth getting the above mentioned games even if I...
  8. Kanic

    Sins of a Solar Empire

    Love it? Hate it? What's your thoughts on it?
  9. Kanic

    Furries and hunting

    Do you think it's contradictory for a furry to also be a hunter (excluding hunting other furries)? I realize that many, including myself, have a great respect for animals. I also know many would not harm an animal unless out of self defense. However, because of failing to control certain animal...
  10. Kanic

    Running a panel

    I'm looking to run a panel this year at FurFright if I'm able to get a ride to and from the con and a room. The military furs panel to be exact. However, I admit I'm a bit nervous about running a panel for the first time. Any suggestions for a new panel runner?
  11. Kanic

    Medieval 2 Total War and Rome Total War

    Anyone else notice how Medieval 2's archers tend to shoot straight up into the air when they fire from walls? I mean, Rome's archers never did that, they always shot straight out and into the enemy, pretty damn effective. Unless I'm missing something of course....
  12. Kanic


    What's up my fellow furs, I've been coming to FA for a good while now but finally took the time to register on the forums. I've posted a bit already actually, see yas around.