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  1. BobTheGodly

    I made an animation

    I make animations for fun and an attempt at gaining ad revenue. Hope you guys like it. Any criticisms is good criticism.
  2. BobTheGodly

    Hey I need some criticism on a video I made.

    I'm trying to animate and make videos, hopefully funny ones. If there's anything I should try to improve or change let me know. I'm open to any and all criticism. Which is honestly hard to find.
  3. BobTheGodly

    I'm gonna introduce myself then do taxes... yay.

    Hi, I go by Bob, my handle usually is BobTheGodly. I usually try to get a laugh out of people when I talk to them or message them. It's probably my one and only talent. Everything else I learned the hard way. I burnt so much food learning to cook. And I'm currently sleep deprived, because I have...