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  1. Schneeauge

    Adoptable makers/buyers, I'm looking for your opinion

    Hi guys, I really hope this is the right place to ask your opinion and I would be very happy if you could answer me. :) The thing is, I often stumble over lovely adoptables that someone tries to sell. Unfortunately I can't buy them, but I would love to draw the character because... well, they...
  2. Schneeauge

    Halloween Sale 20% Discount

    Hello Sweethearts! :3 Halloween is right around the corner, it's getting cold and scary. Therefore...: All Halloween/Scary/Dark themed commissions get 20% discount. - SFW and NSFW allowed - no detailed background this time, only flat BG (transparent/textured) or simple BG/(bigger) props -...
  3. Schneeauge

    Sketch Commissions - Limited time only

    Hi guys Well, I'm feeling a bit sketchy lately (haha, yes I know... I'm a blast at parties... *cough*) and I'm having this horribel thing called "lack of ideas what to draw, but need to practice", so... 20€ / about 22,50$ per char no additional fee for wings, clothes, markings etc. payment via...
  4. Schneeauge

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    *shivers* Don't mind me... just hiding from some monsters from Amnesia... Gosh, my hands are still shaking and I've got to go back through the whole storage area... :(
  5. Schneeauge

    Feral, Anthro, Humans - Commissions are OPEN :)

    Commissions are open :) What I offer: I'm drawing all kind of animals, feral or anthro, as well as humans or fantasy creatures, including both SFW and NSFW pictures. Here are some of my pictures as examples, but please feel free to browse through my gallery, too or visit me at...