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  1. RetroCorn

    Now accepting literature requests

    Hi, basically I'm an aspiring author in my free time (sort of anyway) and I'm now taking requests. My FA profile can be found here. My stories may or may not contain adult content so view them at your own risk. Currently I have two of my pieces uploaded with a few more soon to follow...
  2. RetroCorn

    Printed underwear for men

    Well, I figure the furry fandom is a pretty good place to ask about this so here it goes. Does anyone know where to get briefs/boxer-briefs with prints on them for adult sizes? Like with stuff about games/movies/general stuff or even paw prints etc. K-mart had some Gears of War ones but I...
  3. RetroCorn

    SL -question about anthroxtacy-

    Right, so ever since the whole age verification thing I can't seem to find the old club, has the location changed? Or did it die? :( Thanks.
  4. RetroCorn

    Looking for someone to help me with an anniversary present

    Alright, I'm looking for someone who would be willing to do a request as a gift for my boyfriend. Our anniversary is in exactly one month so that should be plenty of time if anyone is willing. Some helpful information: 1. Basically I'd like to have a picture of our 'sonas together somehow...
  5. RetroCorn

    Looking for tails

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a good quality tail that can be attached to a belt somehow and I'm not sure where to look. The species I'm looking for are either a wolf or a husky with a preference on the husky. Especially if it had some wires in it to make it curl slightly. Thanks. ^_^
  6. RetroCorn

    .swf file converting

    hey, does anyone know a good free program to convert .swf files with? preferable to somthing like wmv, one that works if possible... thanks. :)
  7. RetroCorn

    how much does the average fursuit cost?

    i don't realy have an example of one that i like the style of, but i'm just wondering how much an average one would cost. :p thanks! ^_^
  8. RetroCorn

    looking for a mousepad

    figured this should go here, since it's a computer item. anyways i'm looking for a furry mousepad, it needs to be one of those thin plastic ones for laser mice. thanks. :)
  9. RetroCorn

    he full moon

    this i suppose goes mostly torward canine furs, but applies to everyone. have you ever felt realy weird in the light of the full moon? tonight was a full moon, and when i was outside i was... on edge, and i could hardly keep my eyes off it. anyone else experianced that? lovely, it...
  10. RetroCorn

    Affinity code

    what exactly is it used for? at first i thought it was used for myspace pages (to make like a little window) but i guess not... so what is it used for?
  11. RetroCorn

    Unreal Tournament 3

    does anyone here play? also i was wondering if there were any furry custom characters. thanks. ^_^
  12. RetroCorn

    any furry steam groups?

    did a search and it pulled up quite a few, but i'm wondering if there are any realy good ones. thanks. ;)
  13. RetroCorn

    any regular meets around chattanooga TN?

    as title says. ;)
  14. RetroCorn

    sup from the southeast

    hi. :cool: pretty much into: art guitar video gaming reading movies (action comedy etc and stuff) thought i'd say hi. ;)