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  1. Riyeko

    Super Smash Bros Brawl

    My kids got a Wii for christmas. We god Super Smash Bros Brawl as well. My son wants to play other people and wants to test his skills. Im not exactly sure how to be "friends" with others or to play with others on here yet, although im able to watch and do solo groups with myself and my son...
  2. Riyeko

    Not This Hardcore Into Software

    So I will give you a bit of backstory so you know whats going on, what happened, and how I came to have this... stupid problem. My friend and I were on MSN, chatting away and he asked if I wanted to see some pictures of himself on his spring break vacation this year. I said sure, he goes all...
  3. Riyeko

    LF Clean, Rough Romantic Art

    Closed! Thank you for all of the awesome replies.
  4. Riyeko

    Calling All Deer Hunters!

    Calling all manly and womanly deer hunters near the Washington DC area. Yeahhh http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.huffingtonpost.com%2F2012%2F02%2F01%2Fdeer-crashes-into-library_n_1247957.html&h=7AQEA0GUE This just happened on Monday or Tuesday... And PETA thinks we shouldnt...
  5. Riyeko

    Cause Its the Cool Thing to Do...

    Im bored. Streaming the Xmas gifts that im doing for folks on FAF... via the Gift Circle thread. Anywho, come chat wit me, cause im bored n stuff. http://tinychat.com/riyeko
  6. Riyeko

    What Would You Do??

    Imagine yourself, youre with one or two other friends. No drugs, no alcohol, youre just out having a good time. Either you were out watching a movie, or at the carnival... just pick a fun activity that you would be doing with friends... no home alone stuff though. ;) As youre walking back to...
  7. Riyeko

    The Borg vs. Cylons

    Okay so my husband has been on a Star Trek splurge, and ive been watching Battlestar Galactica on netflix. We both love Star Trek, Star Wars, and BSG. But, something came to me the other day during one of the episodes with lots of borg in it. Who do you think would win? Borg? Or Cylons? I...
  8. Riyeko

    Voting for my Sisters Kid

    Hey fuzzies I was wondering if i could get some troops rallied together to come help my sisters daughter Anna, whos six months old, win a baby contest thats being held by our local hospital, on their website. Be much appreciated if you guys could help out. First, go to the link here...
  9. Riyeko


    Okay, so im trying to create a tail by using yarn. Just plain ole black and white cotton yarn that you can literally find anywhere. Now, instead of leaving the yarn "intact" I decided to unwind the small strands that ive hotglued to the base of my "tail", to create a more... full look...
  10. Riyeko

    Central Midwest Furmeet!!

    Hey guys and gals, just wanted to post a link here to announce the first ever Central Midwest Furmeet is now a reality! A lot of folks from Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska have felt a lot of other furmeets, whether theyre monthly, yearly, or whenever, are too far away. So.. instead of just...
  11. Riyeko

    Northern Missouri Furmeet

    Hey all your Missourians out there, I hope that some of you see this, because the fur meet and greet for the northern part of missouri (due to the fact the actual "missouri furries" group only caters to those in springfield and in the southern part of the state), is starting to come together and...
  12. Riyeko

    So is this what you folks do now??

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tTbBFthGQQ&feature=popular So is this what you guys do now? When you have spare time? Or is this a job?? Sorry about that.. stupid yt bbc code.
  13. Riyeko

    Eating in a Fursuit!?

    I see pictures and youtube videos of fursuiters doing it all the time. Tipping a 20 oz or eating french fries. I can see how the french fries would work, if you shove them through the heads mouth far enough, but a 20oz soda?? Wouldnt it get all over the place?? Someone, give me some tips...
  14. Riyeko

    Hrmm Im Curious..

    If I put my ears on and went on blogtv would any of you want to come n chat with meh?? No weird furry-ness would happen, and youd probably only see my bedroom wall.. im feeling very social...
  15. Riyeko

    I liek da cool face

    :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  16. Riyeko

    Working Furs.

    So ive read and heard about those that go out and promote themselves wearing a fursuit, by just helping out local organizations. I know theres a furry in my home town thats coming to the kindergarten/preschool carnival, in a well made tiger suit, and hes supposed to be there for school spirit...
  17. Riyeko


    Does anyone know much about hamsters on here? This is probably the LAST place I should ask, but I live in an area, where the closest "rodent-able vet" is about, four hours away.. No joke. Ugh. Anyway, about a week and three or four days ago we bought two hamsters, one girl, one boy...
  18. Riyeko

    I am totally..

    Bored out of my mind. Read about every single thread on the front page, changed my avatar, looked around for some other things, checked all my emails, did all my facebook games and even tried my hand at some stupid solitaire. Kids are all asleep with naps while the oldest is at school. House...
  19. Riyeko

    Dont You Just Love it When...

    You start searching around for people you used to know, and then, after you accept one person as your friend or buddy, a whole slue of people start opening up to you. I found fifteen people I once knew... ahh good times.
  20. Riyeko

    Forming a Furmeet

    A person I met on here that lives quite close to me, was interested in organizing a furmeet that possibly would turn into an annual thing, or something our "group" of missouri furries would do every year... if it was wanted. Now, we kind of have a place picked out and an idea of what we want...