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  1. tacticalsnake

    MFF Badges!

    I'm doing badges in time for MFF: Mail out or pick up. I have absolutely nothing on my plate right now, so I can start these immediately in the order I receive them. :3 The badges are full color, laminated, large format, clip-on badges. They cost $25 (USD) each. Example 1...
  2. tacticalsnake

    Really Cheap Art Grab-bags

    I've discovered I have more originals and prints laying around than absolutely necessary, and instead of throwing it all away, I thought I might see if anyone would like to buy the artwork instead. Give it a good home. :3 However, there's too much of it to try to sell things individually, so...
  3. tacticalsnake

    Need Help!

    I figured it couldn't hurt to post in here too. Anyway, my tablet died recently so I need to raise money for a new one-- I'm mainly a digital artist so having a working tablet is kinda necessary. ^.^; So far I need to raise about 200 so I can buy a friend's old tablet. Every little bit would...
  4. tacticalsnake

    500 Internal Server Error [during submission upload]

    I don't think I saw any threads about this. But yeah... I just submitted something, and then I was gonna submit another image, and then this keeps happening. It makes me very sad. :< I've attached a screen cap.
  5. tacticalsnake


    Me and my mate (Salali, if you know her) could really use a room. So far we only have very tentative plans for one that depend on whether or not a friend decides to go to the con... from california, and he's not really sure if he will or won't. So in the event he doesn't, we're going to need a...