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  1. Zasha

    Path of Exile

    Was wondering if there were others around there that played Path of Exile as well? What is Path of Exile? Well it is a role playing game, wouldn't quite say MMO. A cross between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, taking the best parts of both and combining into something truly awesome. Since January 23rd...
  2. Zasha

    SL custom avatar

    Basically yes, interested in a commission of such sort. Be it a completely custom or a modified one. Seeing as my own brain does not want to wrap around these matters I am looking for anyone willing to take on such a commission or point me in the direction of someone that might be accepting...
  3. Zasha

    WoW searching

    So yes, a lot of people seem to be playing it these days and I was wondering if there are any fairly new ones that I could join and play with seeing as I am interested in getting back more into the community and also starting a new character. Europe or US, it does not matter seeing as I have...
  4. Zasha

    Rising Force - RF Online / Grando Espada - Swords of the New World

    So, was wondering if there was anyone playing Rising Force Online or Grando Espada ? Seeing as both are completely free to play. x3 http://www.rf-onlinegame.com/ http://www.swordofthenewworld.com
  5. Zasha

    DotA - Defense of the Ancients

    Basically a custom map for Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne found at http://www.dota-allstars.com (or direct download at http://www.getdota.com). Anyway the question to the public. Who plays it ? >.>
  6. Zasha


    Hello and good morning to all. ^^; Anyway the name's Zasha and I decided to peek in and see what was the FA forum all about anyway. Seems all in order so far.. soo umm yeah. A little about me.. well alright since it is FA I suppose we must start with arts and such.. omg. Not really an...