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    Hiring: Looking for 3 sonas in the EFT world. Budget $150

    Hi! I can do the sonas that you need. Have a look at some examples of my work @nelson.j.espinoza • Instagram photos and videos and here for the colors My standard price for colors is $35, I accept Paypal and payments are upfront Feel free to PM me for more info
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    Hiring: $5 - $100 Commissions

    Hi, you can find some samples of my work here @nelson.j.espinoza • Instagram photos and videos My Base price is $35 (Colored Pieces) Send me a PM if you need more info about my commissions!
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    Hiring: Looking An Artist for A Succubus Commission($100)

    Hi! I sent you a PM! Take a look! :)
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    Hi, i can work on your Commission for $60 (Paypal accepted and Payment is upfront) This is a...

    Hi, i can work on your Commission for $60 (Paypal accepted and Payment is upfront) This is a colorless sample of my work https://www.instagram.com/p/B3eQN7cD7Js/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
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    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Characters ready for Adopt - $35 (each)

    Hi! I have these characters available for adoption! Give them a good place! - First Come, first Served - Payments are Upfront - You can choose to buy individually or take both - No Reselling - You may customize them in any way you want - Extra Info, feel fre to DM me - Paypal accepted
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    Hiring: High End Adopt Or Custom Needed, $500+ Budget

    I can offer you this girl on the left, for $40. If you need more info feel free to DM me! :)
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    (Commission) Selling: Quick Sketch Commissions for just $25

    Hey everyone! I´m have these Sketch Commissions open in order to raise money for Graphic Design, Video edit and Community Management work material.
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    Hi! I can help you out with your character Refs at full color (like this example attached) for just $35 About Payments: All Payments are upfront, no exceptions, Paypal Accepted If you need more info, please DM me