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  1. TR273

    Critique: First attempt at writing something.

    Ok I attempted to write something. It’s a short (less than 700 words) humour story to provide a bit of context to a commission I had done since it was a little different to what I normally post. I don’t really write much so any tips, advice and critique will be appreciated. The story can be...
  2. TR273

    Where do your ideas come from?

    Ok a few things have prompted this thread, a conversation with a friend and a chat in LPW. Here’s the question: Where do your ideas come from? For anything creative (Drawing, painting, writing, character creation, RP, anything) For some of mine (I’m mostly cartooning) I draw some inspiration...
  3. TR273

    Sketchbook: TR's Sketchbook and Artdump

    Hello everyone. I just thought I’d claim a little corner of this part of the forum to share some of the stuff I’ve been working on. Arabeth, Created purely for a competition, she's a Victorian era detective. My test character Sally, a Kitsune who refuses to act her age. Sally again...
  4. TR273

    WIP Comic page

    Ok I know the art isn’t my best but this is and early draught for a single page comic. How does it look so far in terms of layout and story? I know the handwriting is bad:D.
  5. TR273

    Free Commissions (closed)

    Ok this is probably a mistake but I need some practice doing commissions so I am opening three (3) slots. Here are the ground rules: Check out my gallery first (link in signature), my style is quite cartoony (not sure if that’s a word) so make sure it is suitable for what you have in mind...
  6. TR273


    After FAU I was looking to see what was going to be on next year in the UK and Europe just to try some more local cons and I found this one on over the first weekend in November scotiacon.org.uk – Scotiacon.org.uk Since it’s only a three hour drive for me I am going to check it out. Just...
  7. TR273

    Critique wanted please

    Ok this is the first time I've tried this. I know some of the anatomy is a bit off and I still need to work on the hands and feet any help, tips or suggestions will be greatly received.
  8. TR273


    Hello Everyone. I just thought I'd say Hi. I'm not very good at talking about myself of being social in general but I'm trying to change that. In brief I'm in the UK and I've been drawing for as long as I can remember but only got into Anthropomorphics in the last few years. If anyone wants...