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  1. Simo

    Predators and prey

    *spots @Ravofox, abducts him, and zips him into a pirate skunk onesie, so he can set sail with the Pirate Skunk Gang* :P
  2. Simo

    Unpopular Opinions 3.0!

    Dr. Who > Star Trek ...though this is probably not unpopular, as opinions go
  3. Simo

    Tea vs Coffee Redux

    I pity the fool who has to drink that bitter dishwater! Coffee is the superior beverage.
  4. Simo

    *sneaks in and inflates you, making you big and round* :P

    *sneaks in and inflates you, making you big and round* :P
  5. Simo

    Happy chinese new year! Time to celebrate our lovely bovine friends!

    "Try to remember But my feelings can't know for sure Tried to reach out But it's gone Lucky stars in your eyes I am walking the cow I really don't know how I came here I really don't know why I'm staying here Oh, oh, oh I am walking the cow Tried to point my finger But the wind was blowing me...
  6. Simo

    Vent Thread

    Looks good!
  7. Simo

    What are you reading?

    Maggie: A Girl of The Streets, Stephen Crane. What a topsy-turvy, turbulent world we have here; among the best turn of the century looks at the rough and tumble lives of the working class, up there with works by Theodore Dreiser and Frank Norris.
  8. Simo

    What are you listerning to?

  9. Simo

    Dream Outfits

    A RL version of this would be awfully fun, for this skunk!
  10. Simo

    What song are you listening to?

    Pretty song for foxes...
  11. Simo

    Predators and prey

    *sees @lenago and ponders starting a hat store*
  12. Simo

    Predators and prey

    What kinda business would ya like to run?
  13. Simo

    Predators and prey

  14. Simo

    Predators and prey

    Yep, there's quite a few! Here's some of them: Savings Skunk™ Supermarkets The S. S. Skunk Soap & Scent Co., Ltd. Mischief Mart™ Burger Fox™ Thrashy's Tavern & Brewery Arctic Fox Heating & Cooling Lupus Electric ...and there no doubt more to be named.
  15. Simo

    Predators and prey

    *calls Arctic Fox to come over, and make me hot and...er, I mean, warm!* :p Also: another foot of snow just fell here...kinda out of the blue, but looks pretty.
  16. Simo

    Predators and prey

    But isn't Lupus Electric™ a division of Shay-Dee Mechanical™?
  17. Simo

    Content Creators and Speech and Expression

    But you're just a silly yellow dog, Frank.
  18. Simo

    Well! Of all the nerve! *sniffs* Heh...maybe I do!

    Well! Of all the nerve! *sniffs* Heh...maybe I do!
  19. Simo

    Content Creators and Speech and Expression

    In a very real sense, it is. After all, the 1st amendment of the US constitution covers both free speech and assembly. And you're probably going to need to walk, if you're going to 'assemble'. :P