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  1. Simo

    IMVU sells FA: What's this mean for FA/FaF?

    I've been seeing a lot of posts on Twitter and various places that FA has been sold by IMVU, back to @Dragoneer. What's the story and what are the implications for FA, and the forums? Why did IMVU decide to bail out? I've been seeing some 'doom and gloom' predictions on Twitter, but myself, I...
  2. Simo

    Hiring: ($35+) Fast $ for a latex skunk mask design!

    I'm seeking a very basic commission that I can use as a reference for a latex skunk mask: It's based on this hood, with rounded ears, but with a somewhat pointier muzzle, and black and white skunk markings: The idea is pretty basic: Mostly black, black muzzle, with a white stripe down to...
  3. Simo

    How did the word 'heck' become so popular again?

    Being an English major, I tend to think a lot about words and language, especially as certain words and phrases go in and out of being popular...and heck, heckin', &c, have certainly become very popular. Why? Partly, I think it's to do with a 'wholesome' counterweight to more edgy internet...
  4. Simo

    Finally posted a new NSFW story!

    After many weeks of feeling nervous and such, I have finally posted a new story on FA, about Simo and Zephyr Skunk. The idea was to write something fun, that wasn't too dark, or too extreme, and that had a certain sweetness to it. Hopefully, this will inspire me to write more such things. One...
  5. Simo

    How often do you change your avi?

    It's dawned on me that I hardly ever change my avi. It's come to me to be almost like a brand name or trademark: something basic, and easily recognizable, that remains comfortingly consistent, even as the word spins through so much dynamic change. I have sometimes changed it just to joke around...
  6. Simo

    Looking for naughty m/m 'glamping' RP. (NSFW)

    Yep...'glamping', that silly combination of glamour and camping :p The idea is that Simo and another fur head out to the world of glamorous 'camping', only to find that various things crop up to (comically) hamper this life of luxury--while also getting into some sticky situations, along the...
  7. Simo

    Have you ever been sprayed by a skunk?

    Can't say that I have, but I have seen a good number of skunks pretty close-up. The other night, I saw one of the biggest skunks pass by the porch, about 6-8 feet away...I kept very still. But part of me thought: Huh, if I got sprayed, it'd be a perfect excuse, not to go into work, and I could...
  8. Simo

    How do you use computer time to write, and do other productive things, without getting all distracted?

    This would seem to be pretty simple, but after resolving to spend at least one hour per day writing and revising furry fiction, I've found the biggest stumbling block is that when I'm on the computer, typing away, I get distracted by that time-wasting thing known as the internets. And so I try...
  9. Simo

    Anyone else collect books?

    What do you collect? What are some of your prized books? Having been an English major who has worked in a bookstore and a library they sure have accumulated. I collect a lot of American and world literature and fiction, 1800s to present, as well as art, architecture, wine, music, antiques...
  10. Simo

    Post your most recent grocery list

    Perhaps boredom is setting in, and it's gotten to the point where I'd even read things like your grocery list, but they can be very curious and telling things. So. What's on your most recent grocery list? Am making one here for my next trip to the store: Groceries -snow peas -shitake mushrooms...
  11. Simo

    Is Jeff Bezos actually Lex Luthor?

    I have concluded that Jeff Bezos, Amazon Bigwig, is secretly the evil villain and enemy of Superman, Lex Luthor. Aside from being a stingy slave-driver with warehouse work that makes 1984 look bucolic, the resemblance is uncanny: My case is proven. He is gonna use those billions to amass...
  12. Simo

    Cartoony Artists to watch on FA who are still active?

    Greetings! I've been nosing about the art side of FA more, and have noted that so many of the artists I like are not very active anymore...and thus, following the links to who they have followed don't really yield much. Any suggestions for toony artists? Can be SFW or NSFW. I'd say my...
  13. Simo

    Would you tickle the footpaws (hooves, &c.) of the furry above you?

    Pretty self-explanatory...add whatever details suit your fancy.
  14. Simo

    Forum Pesky Pop-up?

    Yesterday I kept getting this pesky pop-up, about the Corona Virus, similar to the pop-up advertising a car, that happened some ways back. It obscures the upper left part of the screen, and there's no way to close out of it...attempts at doing so made it expand, like the blob, and take over...
  15. Simo

    Tiger King!

    Is anyone watching this? My friend here is, and OMG, just hearing the dialog I'm drawn in, like a moth to a flame. It has all the eeriness of characters plucked from the southern gothic fiction of Flannery O'Connor or Truman Capote, but scarier. Also, as a furry, it seems especially funny at...
  16. Simo

    Springtime for Skunks-The RP bug has bit me! (m/m, paragraph/story-based/nsfw)

    What's this? Well, like it says. -Paragraph/story based RP, with posts of a min. of 1-2 paragraphs, containing 3-more sentences. -I like to build up to NSFW themes, as it seems that most RPs I have done end up there eventually. And it's fun. Things can get kinky, but I need some attachment...
  17. Simo

    Furry Cons & Coronavirus

    As the situation with the Coronavirus unfolds, I wonder what impact it'll have on upcoming furry conventions, especially as air travel and the use of hotel and convention spaces could become increasingly impacted. Any news or updates? Do any upcoming cons have plans in place? (as in...
  18. Simo

    At-a-glance list of Furry Convention Acronyms?

    When I'm on Telegram, one thing that would be handy is an at-a-glance list of the acronyms used for various furry conventions...so many users put this right in their names, that they are "so and so is going to such and such" con, and it all can get a bit overwhelming/confusing. If I wasn't so...
  19. Simo

    Sentence the user above you

    The user above you is Guilty. Pronounce sentence and say what said sentence is for. Guess I am first despite my general innocence!
  20. Simo

    Funny Songs Sung By The Cast of Star Trek

    OK, a thread to post your favorite songs, covers or others, from the various stars of the various iterations of Star Trek : ) And I really, really can't believe this exists :p Another version: