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  1. TrishaCat

    So many femboys -.-

    If I didn't identify as trans I'd just be a femboy instead boys in skirts are CUTE
  2. TrishaCat

    Digimon VS Pokémon

    I like Pokemon better but Digimon has better anime by far. Gotta give Tamers a serious watch sometime.
  3. TrishaCat

    Is this real?

    Pretty sure the transformation was done by someone on DeviantArt. Its incredibly convincing!
  4. TrishaCat

    Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs] -Updated-

    RTX 3070 Ryzen 5600X 16 GB DDR4 RAM 500GB SSD 1TB HDD We gaymin now
  5. TrishaCat

    Show me your vape setups.

    I have a RUBI, a PAX Era, and a kind pen. Pretty basic, I'm not into the technology Inside the kind pen is GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) :p let me enjoy my weed in peace it comforts and destresses me
  6. TrishaCat

    I keep cropping an image i want to be as my avatar and they keep saying it's too big.

    55kb is super easy to go over; make sure you're saving the image as a .jpg because jpg files are a lot smaller due to being lossy.
  7. TrishaCat

    What Are You Listening To?

  8. TrishaCat

    Inactive Forum members that you miss or wish you had the chance to talk to.

    Ginza, SirRob, BRN, and Whimsycal. Also RedSavage. :( EDIT: Also plenty of Phoenixed people lol, I wish Eggdodger and Falaffel/Kea still posted here.
  9. TrishaCat

    Hey, just checking in on you! Are you doing okay?

    Hey, just checking in on you! Are you doing okay?
  10. TrishaCat


    I sometimes have conversations with myself for funsies I like running with my arms upward like an anime girl.
  11. TrishaCat

    What Are You Listening To?

  12. TrishaCat


  13. TrishaCat

    What's your thoughts on drugs?

    smoke weed everyday
  14. TrishaCat

    Sing with me!

    Game is fairly simple. Sing a line from a song, and the next user continues that song until users have finished the song. Then after a song is completed we do a new song! You can use vocaroo to record Starting with the Pokemon theme: https://voca.ro/1bL2ou65Rv8u
  15. TrishaCat


    Why this is important: random small time investors are looked down upon by Wall Street bigwigs, and this kind of event is disrupting the normal way of things in the stock market, which could result in new laws and regulations regarding this. This sort of thing on this scale has, to my awareness...
  16. TrishaCat


    If this is too political I understand, but If figured since this is more of a stock market news thing maybe it'd be okay. So some crazy stuff started late last week. A bunch of redditors on /r/wallstreetbets noticed that some hedgefunds are making money by shortselling and naked shorting...
  17. TrishaCat

    Furry Haters

    Is the furry community even really hated anymore? There's a few diehards from ye olden days but seems like furries nowadays are seen to be pretty cool
  18. TrishaCat

    Anime/Manga/Weeb talk

    Weeb things eh? These recently came in the mail! EDIT: Also I have seen too many anime to be able to list off everything I've seen Click here for a complete list of every anime I've completed: https://myanimelist.net/animelist/TrishaCat?status=2
  19. TrishaCat

    Veteran FAF members heed my call!

    I'm 2013 so not *that* old but FAF used to be a lot edgier and people used to be a lot meaner I did feel like there was more comradery amongst some posters and in that regard seeing certain familiar faces was a really pleasant experience, but people did a lot to harass anyone outside of the norm...
  20. TrishaCat

    What are you listerning to?