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  1. Alys_0_0

    Request: Anyone Wanna Draw A Snep?

    Heyo! I've got a snow leopard girl here with hardly any art at all and I'd love to change that. Would you be interested? She has ice magic if you want to put that into your piece. No clothing because her fur is so long she doesn't need it. She is 17 yrs old, 5'6", and lives in the forest, and...
  2. Alys_0_0

    Request: Would Anyone Like To Draw A Snep?

    Heyo~! So I'm trying to make a snow leopard sona because they're my favourite animals irl! Somehow, I haven't made a snow leopard fursona yet. IT'S TIME TO FIX THAT!!! I used a bioform to make her and the post can be found two messages below this one. Anything would be welcome! {\___/} ( ^ - ^ )...
  3. Alys_0_0

    Snow Leopard Girl!

    Heyo~! Don't worry too much about this thread unless you've got some input! It's just a place for me to write down thoughts for my new fursona idea. Strangely enough, I don't have a snow leopard fursona. Sneps are my favourite floofs! I shall now let my creativity fly across the keybard and...
  4. Alys_0_0

    Help Me With A Name?!

    Hey! I recently finished creating a mantis/dragon hybrid fursona with the help of a lovely person named @mangomango! But I can't decide a name for her. I've got three options. And now, so do you! Please help me find a name for her! UwU
  5. Alys_0_0


    I have recently become obsessed with mantises and I want to learn everything I can about them. So far, the only sub-species I know well is the orchid mantis. TEACH ME MORE THINGS, PLEASE!!!!
  6. Alys_0_0

    Weirdest Fursona You've Ever Seen?

    What is the weirdest fursona you have ever seen? If your answer is a fursona that belongs to someone in the forums, tag them! Only positive comments, no insults. The weirdest sona I've seen has got to be the sona of @Many Weapons Guy. It's so unique! I love the colours and the pattern!
  7. Alys_0_0

    Open RP - Forest Clearing

    Hey! This is just a place for RP. Have you sen the type of RP that happens in the Predators vs Prey thread? Did you like it? Well then bring it over to this one! There's not really a direction. It's just an RP hangout, basically. *Bows and prepares for strangeness* Setting: In a clearing in the...
  8. Alys_0_0

    Open Chat For All!

    Hey! I saw this has been attempted before and it just kept dying but it hasn't been attempted in a couple of years. I figured, what's the harm in trying again? Just talk about things here! Preferably not politics because that always get out of hand...
  9. Alys_0_0

    Group Magic RP Possibly?

    I really want to make a group magic RP but I have no idea how to set that up. I want it to have a directive but also don't want it to be short. Are there any furs experienced in the art of creating group RPs that could help me?
  10. Alys_0_0

    Request: Mantis/Dragon Hybrid Help?

    Hey! I'm trying to create a mantis/dragon hybrid fursona. I only just realized that sounds an awful lot like Scyther from Pokemon but that wasn't my intention, I assure you! I don't quite know what this combination would look like because I don't want it to look like Scyther. Would anyone be...
  11. Alys_0_0

    Mantis Fursonas?

    I'm thinking about making my next fursona be some kind of mantis. I don't know much about mantis{es?}{i?} but I hope to learn! Has anyone seen mantis fursonas around the fandom? I certainly haven't and I'd love to change that!
  12. Alys_0_0

    Request: Dragon Profile Picture Request

    Hey! Would anyone be willing to make a profile picture/icon of my dragon girl Alys? She's really simple and anything would be appreciated. All I have is a description and a full body of her front side. Here's the art! Here's the description! She's all black on the outside and glowing purple on...
  13. Alys_0_0

    Request: Would anyone be willing to draw this boy?

    Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I don't have much of a ref sheet for this guy but I've got two art pieces for him. His name is Hemlock! This is his original art piece. Notice the cute little top hat and the cute little bowtie. These are his only clothes UwU He is a femboy of adorable proportions...
  14. Alys_0_0

    Just Ask!

    I don't know if this is the right place for this thread but I searched for threads like this. I found only threads about specific questions. So I'm thinking I should make a thread for any and all questions! They could be questions about the forum, about the fandom, about the world, anything...
  15. Alys_0_0

    Anime/Manga/Weeb talk

    Hey! I don't know if this kind of thread exists already. This is just a place for weebs to talk about weeb things. Only. Weeb. Things. No LGBTQIA+ stuff unless you can keep it civil, no politics because that never stays civil {I don't know why politics would be involved in weeb things but still...
  16. Alys_0_0

    Show/Movie Ideas You Think Would Be Awesome

    Heyo! Like the title says, give me some show ideas you think would be awesome! Or movie ideas work too! I've recently been introduced to Are You The One by my mother {I love how funny and dramatic everyone is XD} and I think it would be great to have LGBTQIA+ versions. Like a gay version of it...
  17. Alys_0_0

    Request: I'd Really Appreciate Art Of Alys!

    Hey! I'd really appreciate art of my girl, Alys! She's a dragon of slim build. Clothing is optional, but please keep it sfw. Unfortunately, all I have is a description but it's fairly detailed and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! Here's her description: She's all black on the...
  18. Alys_0_0

    Anyone wanna start a one-on-one magic rp with me? {Open}

    Hey! So I used to rp a lot with someone a year or two ago but then their life started getting really messed up and we stopped. After that, I never really tried rp again cuz it's kinda like reading a really really good book, you know? After you read that book that connected on a super deep level...
  19. Alys_0_0

    5 Things You Love About Yourself <3

    As the title says, name five things you love about yourself. My original plan was three but I wanted to make it even more of a challenge. There's so much self-hatred in the world so lets really see ourselves, yea? Let's really look at ourselves and into ourselves and note things that we love. No...
  20. Alys_0_0

    Request: Anyone Interested In Drawing A Dragon?

    Hey! So I've got a dragon sona now but I have absolutely no art of her since I just made her a few hours ago and I'm also terrible at art XD Would anyone be willing to try drawing something for her from just a description? I have some detailed description of what she looks like and her...