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  1. Dragoneer

    Main Site What is the ratio of FA users who view/use the site on Mobile vs on PC (Desktop/Laptop)?

    Well, there's over a 9,000,000 pages served on a daily basis, so the number is at least more than one.
  2. Dragoneer

    Seriously, how do I upload a story properly?

    I'll also add in that we're actively looking at ways to improve stories and how they work on FA.
  3. Dragoneer

    Still no webm support?

    It's on our list of things to do -- it's just going to take a bit of time to get there.
  4. Dragoneer

    Main Site No response from FA for Advertising E-mails

    I apologize for the issue. After looking into it, it appears your email was accidentally marked as read and went unresponded. Because of the error on my part, I've gone ahead and put up your ad for free.
  5. Dragoneer

    Main Site Social media information

    Wait, were you serious with that one? If so, uh, no... Parler would never have been considered for an FA contact.
  6. Dragoneer

    Main Site Social media information

    Well, at least that's one I don't have to worry about.
  7. Dragoneer

    Flashplayer Drop in 2020

    We're currently finishing up some testing on Ruffle and will be deploying it soon.
  8. Dragoneer

    Flashplayer Drop in 2020

    While we're a bit late in that regard, let's just say we're working on that limit part. =3
  9. Dragoneer

    Flashplayer Drop in 2020

    Yeah, I can't find anything about cost, and I'm sure there will be a cost involved. Makes me question their viability.
  10. Dragoneer

    Flashplayer Drop in 2020

    We're still looking into things. We'll have a solution in place, though it may not be as nice as we'd like as Ruffle isn't quite where it needs to be as of yet. We're looking at alternatives.
  11. Dragoneer

    Fake downtime that only applies to me?

    For the record, this is not a feature that staff use.
  12. Dragoneer

    I can’t see any notifications

    Would you be able to provide some screenshots in this thread?
  13. Dragoneer

    Main Site Folders unsortable

    Thanks for letting us know. I know this has been on our bug tracker for some time, and I'll relay it to the techs in the morning to see if they can look into it in the near future.
  14. Dragoneer

    Is there a way to temporarily disable my FAF account if I want to?

    Unfortunately, Xenforo (which powers FAF) only permits account deletion, not disabling.
  15. Dragoneer

    Main Site why isnt there a way to remove comments completely

    This is something we're working on in the future. It will just take some time to implement it. Basically, we want the logic to work like this: if there is no response to the comment hide the notice completely. If there is a response made to the comment, show the placeholder that the comment was...
  16. Dragoneer

    Forum Birthdate problems not fixed yet

    This has been updated.
  17. Dragoneer

    Unity Support

    We're currently looking into our options.
  18. Dragoneer

    Main Site closed

    To be honest, animated avatars are one of those legacy items from the Long Long Ago, in the Before Time(tm). Our avatar system is admittedly a bit outdated, as the 100x100 mode was inspired (I believe) by LiveJournal at the time. This is also from an era when broadband internet was still...
  19. Dragoneer

    Getting noticed

    That said, and I can not emphasize this enough, but be sure to network and link your galleries as much as you can. And use multiple galleries (Twitter, Instagram, FA, etc)*. For an artist you really need to be advertising your work and getting people to see your art. A website can only do so...
  20. Dragoneer

    Is anything going to be done about stream notifications?

    In addition to what Luffy stated, let's just say we're working directly with our friends at Picarto.tv to come up with a partial solution. We're just waiting on them to re-launch their site and their API. =3