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  1. lenago

    Evil character/Demon design critique

    I Just finished a concept sketch for a evil character/Demon, and i would love to hear some critique and feedback on its design. I still don't have a name for him though.
  2. lenago


    Hi hi, i wanted to share here some sketches i made. Would love to hear feedback and comments if possível. Thanks!
  3. lenago

    Light hearted slice of life/ syfy RP

    Hi hi! I'm looking for someone to do a bit of a light hearted,slice of life role play/ syfy RP. Looking for male or female with ages 18 and up. The ideia i have is for a roomate story,your character would respond to a ad for a room i am renting, you at first enjoy your stay and everything looks...
  4. lenago

    Hi there! Nice to meet ya

    I have been in the forums for a good while, i never actually introduced myself Name's Lenago a 25 year old fox artist i love making art that is cheerfull and able to make people smile. I can be a by shy and quiet, so please bear with me with that heh. Never the less im always happy to meet new...
  5. lenago

    Free Art: Free bust art 3 slots

    Hi hi, im offering some free character busts if anyone wants, at the moment im only doing 3 so depending on how it goes and time i have i might open some more (SLOTS ARE FULL AT THE MOMENT sorry) Artwork Gallery for Lenago -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Here is my art gallery to give a ideia how my...
  6. lenago

    My art over time (feed back and comments would be appreciate)

    I want to show how my art has changed during the years,and how my characters have evolved. So, i would love to hear everyones feedback on them, thanks! This final art is the most recent i made.
  7. lenago

    Smash dlc hype poll

    One more week till E3 and with it the reveal of smash bros 2nd dlc character (3rd if you count pirana plant. This will be for fun who do you guys hope or belive to see as dlc at E3?
  8. lenago

    Sonic's art style

    I was passing my time on youtube when i saw a video comenting on the art style of the sonic games throughout the years.And that got me thinking on how the fanbase has diferent views on them. Some hating the games that go with a more realistic look,and other hating Lost world's more cartoon like...
  9. lenago

    Merry Christmas to everyone

    Hope everyone is having a joyfull and warm Christmas with love ones and friends ,cheers to everyone and a happy Noel!!
  10. lenago

    palutena's guidance game

    Having fun with the new smash game i got a ideia of a fun game,making your own palutenas guidance,if you never played smash,thats when the characters: Pit,Palutena,and viridi make coments on the one they are fighting,here are the rules: 1-you can do one with any character you like from any...
  11. lenago

    Concept art critic wanted

    Hi i made a critic request a while back but i kind of posted it one the wrong thread somewhat so im posting it here, haha sorry this is more of an update of the concept ,its about a toy/doll character with two side a cat and a rabbit,i was told that while the cat side is good,the rabbit was...
  12. lenago

    Character concept critic

    Hi i just made a new character,i liked the concept of him so much id like it share and hear peoples thoughts of him: edit : what it looks like when he his flipped to his bunny side The cursed doll : BunNeko A especial thing about this Doll like character his that personality is...
  13. lenago

    My new art

    Hi just showing off a new art i made and would like to know what everyone thinks of it if possible ^^ hope everyone likes it
  14. lenago

    Nightmare Villains

    HI HI,something has been puzzling me for a bit and im hoping someone here might help shed some light on it... If you play kirby...Klonoa...or Nights you fight a spirit that represents nightmares but,has anyone notice how this villians have many things in common? Nightmare-Kirby...
  15. lenago

    New year bust art (3 slots

    Thanks for the requests the slots are filled,but for the extra request,thanks for the free time i have in jan i will br able to to them as well, work will start at 2 of jan,i will post here the done artworks Have a happy new year and stay safe! (Heres some of my art) Artwork Gallery for Lenago...
  16. lenago

    Drawing my characters

    Hi hope everyone is having fun hollidays and a good start to a brand new year. I was going to ask if enyone is interested in drawing my characters( not that i have many haha)i would really love that for a christmas gift Artwork Gallery for Lenago -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My gallery with my...
  17. lenago

    Palette Kingdom:art & comics

    Hey there,well,i have been posting on FA for a good while,but recently i though of posting my art and comics here as well,hoping to use the feedback to improve where i need to and help with other comic ideias i plan for the future well with that said, i would like to start with the first...
  18. lenago

    Happy Halloween

    Hope everyone has a fun and scary Halloween Heres a artwork for this fun day
  19. lenago

    Free headshots

    Welp,thats all of them,thanks to those who made tehre requests,hope you liked them Ciao for now Slot 1: Yvvki done( done) SLot 2:JamesOtter( done) Slot 3:Izzypop (done) Extra slots: EX-1:FeatherWOlf(done) EX-2:It´sBlitz(done) EX-3:Belatucadros(done)
  20. lenago

    offering free art 3 slots (all slots filled)

    The three slots are taken,thank you for request ill do the best i can