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  1. TrishaCat

    Sing with me!

    Game is fairly simple. Sing a line from a song, and the next user continues that song until users have finished the song. Then after a song is completed we do a new song! You can use vocaroo to record Starting with the Pokemon theme: https://voca.ro/1bL2ou65Rv8u
  2. TrishaCat


    If this is too political I understand, but If figured since this is more of a stock market news thing maybe it'd be okay. So some crazy stuff started late last week. A bunch of redditors on /r/wallstreetbets noticed that some hedgefunds are making money by shortselling and naked shorting...
  3. TrishaCat

    Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game rerelease

    It is time
  4. TrishaCat

    $20,000 otaku apartment

    An online aquaintence of mine posted a video of their apartment and its just gosh I'm so jealous ;_; I want a house like this someday Its so hecking CUTE and all those plushies in her bedroom @.@
  5. TrishaCat

    Attack On Titan: Final Season

    IT STARTS TOMORROW LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO For real though, how often does a manga get finished and adapted into an anime in full? I'm so glad we're finally getting the grand finale. I was initially worried when they said the final season was being done by a different studio, but its MAPPA...
  6. TrishaCat

    I fucking love JRPGs

    I've been playing so much cool shit lately I'm having a blast. Do any of y'all like JRPGs too? What have you been playing? Give me a moment to talk about some games I've been playing. Resonance of Fate HD First up is this remaster of this ps3 game by Tri-Ace (most known for Star Ocean)...
  7. TrishaCat

    Bearsona 4 Golden now on PC

    That's right everyone! Atlus is finally putting the Persona series on PC! Who's ready to hop on back to Inaba and kick some Shadow butt? store.steampowered.com: Persona 4 Golden on Steam
  8. TrishaCat

    Command & Conquer Remastered Collection

    Greetings, Commander. I create this thread to inform you that Axis forces are on the prowl once again, and you must take Europe back and defeat them in this newly released remastered collection of the original Command & Conquer as well as Command & Conquer: Red Alert. Featured in this...
  9. TrishaCat

    Quarantine living

    Hello friends! I figured I'd pop in and say hi and ask how all of you are making due in these very strange times. Many cities and places are under some sort of quarantine or lockdown including my own, and its becoming quite stuffy staying home all the time >.< How are y'all making out? No one...
  10. TrishaCat

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

    ITS OUT For those who don't know, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX is a Switch remake of the original GBA/DS games "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team". The game's now in 3D and features watercolor graphics as well as a few changes to how the game works. For example, in the...
  11. TrishaCat

    Halo: Masterchief Collection

    For the first time ever, Halo games other than 1 and 2 are coming out on PC. Starting with Reach, the Halo Masterchief collection makes it debut on PC in less than 30 minutes. Prepare your butts folks. Masterchief is returning home. store.steampowered.com: Pre-purchase Halo: The Master Chief...
  12. TrishaCat

    Birdboy: The Forgotten Children

    WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS I've been waiting years for this and I wasnt' even completely sure it was a movie since the only media outlets advertising it were all in Spanish. Birdboy is a feature length animated film based on a short film by the same name, which is in turn based on a...
  13. TrishaCat

    Pokemon Sword and Shield discussion thread

    Its almost here boys and girls! Dexit or no, a new gen of Pokemon is one week away. Perhaps one of the most controversial titles in the series yet due to various changes, the first Switch mainline Pokemon is soon upon us. I'm cautious about this game but wanna remain optimistic. Are y'all...
  14. TrishaCat

    What game should I buy?

    Hello FAF! I am in need of your help in determining what game to buy in the near future. You see, there is a finite amount of money in this world, and I am unfortunately on the lower end of said finite money. But! There are two (2) games coming out that I want, and I am unsure if I can afford...
  15. TrishaCat

    9 years ago today, a great peril was bestowed upon us

    Today i come here to celebrate with you all a piece of forbidden knowledge. You see, 9 years ago, on this very day, this happened: That's right, the term "brony" was first coined today. Celebrate with me as we look back fondly and in horror both at the last 9 years since My Little Pony...
  16. TrishaCat

    not well

    why pain i just want to sleep forever they dehumanize and walk a path of harassment hurting and hurting and hurting they think what they do is right, and act under false knowledge all the while but the lies are riddled behind other lies, and untangling that is impossible her fate is sealed, and...
  17. TrishaCat

    Code Vein

    Have you ever found yourself playing Dark Souls or Bloodborne and thinking "boy, I sure wish this was more anime". Well look no further, because I have just the game for you! Recently released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, Code Vein is an action RPG developed by Shift (God Eater, Freedom Wars) that...
  18. TrishaCat

    Death March Club

    The opening cinematic and some gameplay of Too Kyo Games' Death March Club just released and it looks rad! For those not in the know, Death March Club is a codeveloped project between Uchikoshi (Zero Escape, Ever 7) and Kodaka (Danganronpa). Its about a bunch of elementary school kids that wake...
  19. TrishaCat

    Arsonist sets Kyoto Animation Studio on fire; several people dead

    Yesterday a man yelling "You die!" stormed the Kyoto Animation studio, known for animation series such as Clannad, The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, K-On, and many more, and poured gasoline on the studio and the people inside before setting the place on fire. Police have captured the man...
  20. TrishaCat

    E3 2019 Megathread

    Its E3 everyone! That means more video game announcements than you can shake a stick at! So lets all discuss the new upcoming video games and this E3 in general! (forgive my lateness; I should've made this sooner lol) Some notable announcements thus far: Microsoft's next console is nicknamed...