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    Well, I guess that it depends on the level of reality you wish to achieve. Looking at the work of other people is always helping, because every single line drawn in contributing to the totality of experiences gathers by all. But, in your position, I would first ask myself a couple of...
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    Aspiring New Artists come here!

    These are rather nice mate :) Keep it up, try some more decisive lines, perhaps, that could help =) I guess that a series of these can pretty much assist in grasping the essence of the materials and forms. I did some of those some time ago, did them a tad faster and as thus they are much less...
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    Aspiring New Artists come here!

    That one. No idea of the term, English is not my primary language :) But you get the point. I suggest you try it out. i think something good will come out of this.
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    Aspiring New Artists come here!

    Yeah I always wondered what that smiley was about =) But now I can see the eyes, and the snout and all... neat. Anyway, you are doing well Icarus. Perhaps what you could try is letting your hand go wild on the paper for a while. Thinking about anatomy is good, and Rhainor's tips are helpful...
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    Where Were You?

    I had pretty much just finished lunch. Mind you, it was afternoon in Europe. I was preparing for my extra lessons (a strange twist of the greek educational system, where the students are practically doing the double hours of what they should, but that is a totally different subject), when I...
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    Aspiring New Artists come here!

    My view on things :) I have been drawing-painting...or rather practising, for... 7 years. My first experiences come from traditional drawing, where I had to prepare for the national examinations for the National Technical University of Athens, in the school of Architecture Engineering. I...
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    Aspiring New Artists come here!

    I thought that my contact info, on my account page :) (Which is the link on the signature, for that matter). Anyways it's adfragos@hotmail.com, aaaaand I will need to get the whole idea of yahoo messenger-MSN messenger, inter connection thingie :) P.S. Will run through the pages of the...
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    Need help with fur texture using Corel Painter IX

    Weeeell, I have mainly painted characters with short, sleek fur so far, so i have not really faced this issue... But on the other hand, I have a rather simple perspective on things. I was never into full realism :) I personally use the artists oils, the tappered oils brush. It gives a pretty...
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    Aspiring New Artists come here!

    This is a great concept actually :) It truly comes down to the fact that this is a community of constructive and constant feedback. I believe that a vast majority of us are amateurs, me included, I do not get paid for what I do, and I doubt I would ever get paid :) My main concern are the...
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    why are some people such idiots:(

    I totally agree with that, and I never said that it was a bad concept. I also believe, that it is being ran by people who are interested in doing something useful. But I do not believe that art is anything like a MCdonald's fast food, served around. It's not something you take, which is, my...
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    Furry Idols!

    Simba has got to be a total idol :) Too bad he is walking on four paws, but hey, some people may appreciate that! :)
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    why are some people such idiots:(

    There are certain issues with DA. However I will not stop posting and/or watching other people there, since some of their work is amazing. The issues mainly have to do with the fact that it is simply huge. One can get hopelessly lost. Submissions come and go in a metter of seconds. Not to...
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    Last movie you have seen/favorite movie?

    Last seen movie: La Notte (By Antognioni) Favorite movies: They are too many, but I would like to post some of them.                      - Velvet Goldmine, for the amazing, musical touch the whole film has.                      - Blue Velvet, because...
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    Violence Filter Needed

    Greed Drama owns :) Are you guys implying anything about my ancestors? :P
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    Oh damn :)
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    Your perfect fighting force!!!!

    What about Jack Bauer?
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    Question about Line Art with Corel Painter IX

    Mainly, because I use oils as a media, I use the charcoal to sketch. I do not do 'lining' exactly. I do not believe that the sketch-lining-inking-coloring-finalizing are different stages in a piece. They are, in some way, all interconnected between them. In my own personal opinion, you could be...
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    Critique of Wacom Art

    If you are using Corel Painter I.X. you may want to try a lot of media it has to offer for a softer feel. I am personally a fan of the artists oils, they seem to simulate what I was doing traditionally. Moreover, what seems to be interesting, is the fact that they 'direct' me to the use of...
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    World of Warcraft

    lvl 60, Night Elf Hunter, Draenor EU I have been playing WoW since the release, on logical terms, with only one character and I have managed to experience all the end game content there is to be offered, without losing my normal life, which is... neat :) When I hit 60, I said it back then...
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    Abstract art?

    The day I see Furry artwork following the movement of Dadaism, is when I will break my Wacom tablet over my head :D