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    Missing you

    My best mate, Pete has finally trundeled off to have an adventure. Last thursday he boarded a plane, headed for New Zealand. Next thursday he will leave there and be off to Europe for god knows how long. And I miss him like hell. So, to alliviate my pain, I'd like to share sob stories with...
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    Prepare all drama llama's...

    Anybody else here notice that in the last week or two, this place has become.....hmm, how do I put this?? A furry 4chan? Don't get me wrong, the lulz are the win, but the 4chan-ness is getting over the top here.
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    Big fat Wave!

    Hey hey everyone out there in the wonderful inter-world! Thought I'd better come say hi. I'm an 18 year ol' chicky babe living in the wonderful world of Aus - the country, not the fantasy dream land. Or the prison show. :? Might have to think of another way to say that... I'm also a Crow, or...