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    vancouver furs

    I'm in Kamloops, a little far away but not bad :3
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    Canadian furres?

    Lol, i think van is only 3.5 hours away from me, not 8... so i got confused >^.=.^<
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    Canadian furres?

    8 hours? where abouts are ya?
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    Canadian furres?

    Lol people are talking about me i feel so loved <3 heh, yeah, I'm in Kamloops BC :( kinda far away...
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    Do you wear: Contacts, Glasses, or none?

    i wear contact/glasses...my dad wears both sometimes, contacts for far, glasses for reading :P my eyes are two different prescriptions, but for some reason, according to all the doctors and stuff, i only have to get one prescription (for now) as the prescriptions are close enough they balance...
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    online relationships

    I'm not thinking negatively per say, just speaking from past and current experiences. I'd much rather hold and cuddle someone than *hold and cuddle* someone, and I just think the heart is to fragile to be trusting to someone you have no guarantee you'd even get to see in real life. Anyway...
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    online relationships

    Orlith... the point is that, just like you can't prove wether God exists or not, you can't prove that internet relationships are false love... I wasn't trying to prove internet relationships are false love, i just think there a bad idea.
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    online relationships

    But i was just restating what you were saying if your saying people falsely fall for god from a book written over 2000 years ago by guys in a desert, how is that different from falsely falling in love? I dont see why my way is to be pitied and yours is not...i thought i was just reaffirming...
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    online relationships

    Arg! no! i was trying so hard to fix my grammar before posting too >.=.< Firefox should include the green squiggly line along with the red squiggly line.... I'm pretty sure your eyes would bleed if you read one of my completely unedited posts...
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    online relationships

    Alright then, i see we have reaches a point of agreement then ^.=.^ People fall in false love and in false hope daily an unfortunate and unavoidable truth...
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    online relationships

    I can honestly say i was not intending to apply logic in that manor. I never denied people can and do have meaningful relationships online, I just meant to state how I felt on it, and that I, personally, feel its a bad idea.
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    online relationships

    As true as that maybe I don't feel its a true relationship unless i can physically feel there warmth, look directly into there eyes (read: not over a webcam) and tell the person I love them. Sure theres skulker, rapists, liar's and weirdo's that you can meet in real life and online, but its...
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    should we?

    lol as a mod, I'd be happy to moderate that thread as I feel woefully deprived of hugs...even though I do beleive there is already a hug thread in existence there...
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    How does one ask this politely?

    Is there any polite way to gently prod an artist whom you made a request off months ago/ won a kiriban from months ago, that you know is pissing around not doing anything important just posting doodles and sketches. Or is it best just to leave it be? I have a few artists on my watch list were i...
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    online relationships

    I personally despise internet relationships, but thats just a personal beef I have, it makes me sad when my friends get suckered into them .... I know people can and do get married off them ... but perhaps I'm just old fashioned. All it is to me is words on a screen, nothing material ... no...
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    Im back :D

    holy crap code i thought you had abandoned us all!!! *dragonpounceles*
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    Tags, for the fur in you

    RE: Tags for the fur in you I'll say "maybe" it sounds..iffy but hey, people have done stranger things, so whatever floats you boat i guess ^.=.^;
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    Random Acts of.......Randomness???

    It slices! It dices! it makes julienne fries! It's two! it's two! It's two products in one! It's a shoe polish and and a dessert topping!
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    Road Con 08

    Thanks! ^.=.^
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    24 Hour Custom User Title Marathon!

    yay random title changing fun!