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  1. Skittles


    Come on! Who else here is playing this crazy good title?! owo A beautiful screenshot courtesy of the lovely @ClumsyWitch ~
  2. Skittles

    The Battle of FaF Bridge.

    A bridge. An ordinary bridge. The one construction leading to the other side of the dark chasm that splits the ground asunder in both directions. Constructed of stone and wood. It is but a dull ordinary crossing. But you must cross it.. However! The bridge has a guardian. OOC bit: Hey! I felt...
  3. Skittles


    Any other furs around here like standing in lines and shooting at people whilst laughing their arse at the absurd misses and near death experiences or the booming stirring music of Rick Roll, the Soviet anthem or many other various meme worthy shenanigans within this game?
  4. Skittles

    Cheesecake appreciation thread.

    CHEESECAKE!! I like strawberry or New York Cheesecake. What about you?
  5. Skittles

    Letters to the Queen: AMA - HRN Queen Skittles Edition

    Saw @KimberVaile had one of these up and got a little inspired to try it myself. XP So! Hit me!! Throw me your ridiculous questions and I shall respond with equally ridiculous answers!!
  6. Skittles

    Toyhouse invite code?

    Hello! I am on the hunt for one of these thingummies! Anyone able or willing to hook me up? WILL FLOOF ON COMMAND! x) Seriously though. I would be very grateful!
  7. Skittles

    A message from the Queen!

    Hello my lovelies. I hope you are all well. And that you continue to remain so during these trying times. I recently heard about a furfriend whom has passed I believe to this horrible virus. It has literally broken my heart. I can't claim I knew them particularly well or for very long. But...
  8. Skittles

    The Furry above you kicked the bucket.. ROAST THEM IN THEIR EULOGY!

    I saw something similar watching Drag race some time back. Rules are simple. Roast the fur above but don't be super offensive, racist or a total douche. This is a light hearted fun forum game like normal. Now. COME ON! >:D HIT ME!
  9. Skittles

    LF Furry medieval/fantasy roleplay community

    Hi! I am Skittles! Or Skitz! I have been mulling the idea over for a little bit. Figured I would throw out the idea here since I have not seen.. Anything similar.. Yet. -Peers around thoughtfully- Right anyway! Onto the meat and two veg! Is there such a thing as fantasy tavern RP on here...
  10. Skittles

    Redwall Addicts Annoymous- RAA.

    Hello. My name is Skittles and I am a Redwall addict. How many others out there found their way into the fandom because of a seemingly innocent series of books eh? Come one! Come all! Shout out Eulalia! Mossflower! Logalogalogalog! Don't be shy! ;D
  11. Skittles

    WoW classic - Anyone going to be playing?

    Yo! I managed to reserve names on Hydraxian Waterlords - EU. Anyone else going there? And did you furs get your names and char slots? ^w^
  12. Skittles

    The Great Hot Beverage War of 19-20!!!

    Diplomacy has failed. The battle lines drawn. Kettles filled and Nespressos loaded. Beans ground and spoons sharpened! Milk and creamer prepared! The Hot Beverage War begins! TEA IS BETTER THAN COFFEE!!
  13. Skittles

    You're the final boss of an RPG! What is your theme song?

    Exactly as it says. Since I am pretty mental and often explode into skittles. I imagine an end fight with me would probably need a crazy theme. Sqizzle's theme:
  14. Skittles

    Furries in Space! - Elite Dangerous.

    Just curious really if folks play this game. I play solo on and off weekly but you know.. It gets kinda lonely in the void ._. Would not mind trying some wing missions out with folks! Are there any furry friendly squadrons or folks interested in hanging out in the void?
  15. Skittles

    Worgen Anonymous.

    *Stands up* Hello. My name is Sqizzle and I am a Worgen.. Wolf.. Fuzzy! Long time closet furry with terrible social anxiety.. So I have never really engaged with the community before.. Until now. Don't eat me! I like to write stories and browse artwork. I am terrible at drawing them myself...