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    Will there ever be a con in Toronto or Niagara Falls?

    I live close to both those locations, and I was wondering if there will ever be a con there.
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    File Recovery

    Ok, I have a serious problem, I use Packet Writing CDs (eg: INCD ) to backup my stuff and something has happened, I lost all my downloaded programs, and my drawings and art trades, is there a way to recover them? Recent programs installed : Norton Ghost Version 14 unactivated. OS : Win XP...
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    So the format war is over

    Toshiba formally announced today The Story that they have ended the Format war by resignation this comes after the past few weeks when Time Warner moved to Blu-Ray as did Wal-Mart. But since Blu-Ray is now the standard, what does this mean for those who already have the HD-Players? Those who...
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    Two questions

    Anyone going to Morphicon? I will possibly be going to this con as I will most definitely have the time off. And I been hearing rumors that there may be a con in Toronto or Niagara Falls, is this true?
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    I am unsure...

    Ok, so I recently sold a commission, ( http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1000793/ ) $5 for digital drawing w/ background and I am totally unsure if I should, A friend of mine is interested. I was talking with 2 other furries who sell them and they say it is a good deal, but its more a nervousness...
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    what CD / DVD burning program is good?

    I am wondering as I am thinking of getting one that doesn't have a lot of software bloat to it, but also includes Packet Writing software such as InCD or something, is there any suggestions?
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    Dual booting

    I want to set up an Ubuntu 7.10 and Windows Server 2k3 (or Vista Build 5015) dual boot but I forget which to install first, or what would be the easiest way to go around installing it without messing up the master boot record. Ubuntu for my knowledge doesn't have LiLo (Linux Loader provided)...
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    Windows Server 2008

    After seeing Beta 3 of Windows Server 2008 I already like what I see it isn't bloated at all, it looks clean http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/win2008_cli.asp has some screenshots, I may test beta 3 and test each new release of this so I know what I am getting into for my next OS (which...
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    I know its fake but anyways (I admit I watch it sometimes) I was just reading the news on different websites USA today and whatnot, and I noticed that 10 wrestlers maybe more got suspended and 1 got fired for their dealings with some internet pharmacy in Florida. This comes as a shock, nearly as...
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    Nintendo DS question

    I was wondering what is better the M3 Simply or the Supercard DS? I am interested to do some different stuff with my DS. But I don't know which one is better. Thanks,
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    I have a question (a serious question!)

    I bought a commission of someone a few months ago (January) and I haven't received the drawing and he hasn't uploaded anything but has uploaded other commissions after mine what should I do???
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    Web design question

    I want to create a web form that actually works and it can send and recieve email, however my forms down work, how to I well make them work? I was only taught using Dreamweaver and using HTML I don't know what I am doing wrong. The reason I am asking is because I am taking a course in it I...
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    Would anyone buy plushy versions of their fursonas

    I am not selling them, I dunno how to sew, but I am wondering if anyone had the opportunity if they would or not. If I had the chance and knew someone I probably would, I asked a few friends around and they would as well. But anyways would you?
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    What do you guys think of this commercial?

    I just laughed even though its about home based business it is funny, my friend JD was baffled when he saw it. http://youtube.com/watch?v=uhcCnhCrqm8 (I love the commercial)
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    Fursuit help (completely lost)

    I am interested on doing a fursuit of my fursona but dunno where to start I know there are experts here who have done it. I know I am fairly new at drawing but here is my fursona http://www.furaffinity.net/view/508240/ (the fur on the left) Which books or tutorials from websites do you...
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    I am thinking of putting a contest on, but unsure...

    Hello I know there was the famous fill in the blank contest, but I do have an idea of my own for a contest but I need some input on it before I make it official. My idea is draw my fursona and have him say something. The prize would be a pencil shaded drawing, an inked drawing and a...
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    Any furries in Guelph, Ontario?

    Just wondering if there is or not, I live about an hour from Toronto and I am wondering if there is any from Guelph. I know the Guelph Furry Breakfast is the only meet but Wotan is busy with school to set up a meet right now, is anyone from Guelph? Thanks.
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    What OS should I put on my spare?

    I have a spare computer I built, it is a AMD Sempron 3000+ 64 bit but has two small hard drives in it (I am not made of money despite myself purchasing a fursuit in the near future) I do have Ubuntu 5.10 but requested a free CD of version 6.04 and other versions of Windows, including OS/2...
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    I just had a fight with a good friend of mine

    I am still depressed and a bit shocked by it he is a furry as well. First he ignored me on Tuesday or Wednesday for an unknown reason, then I wanted to appologize to him yesterday then he got all angry with me.... or paranoid. I tried reasoning with him and telling him that we can work our...
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    I am a new artist and I need help

    I am having problems with getting a lot of things down when drawing stuff correctly, a furry is teaching me but I am just not grasping it correctly, like I always mess up on most things like finding small mistakes I can't even notice in the final draft. Even though I do a mix of thin and fat...