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    Hot Tub Stories

    I always laughed at hot tub stories, they are so 70's cliche. Then I had New Years in Melbourne last night. Sweet mother of all things holy, I'm a dirty dirty girl, the hot tub will never be the same, and turns out alcohol is the greatest thing ever. In a pool, in a hot tub, on a pool...
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    An Australian! 0_0

    Brissie crow here, welcome :D
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    24 Hour Custom User Title Marathon!

    Yay, no longer generic
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    Ugly Betty

    She's got alright skin, not bad bone structure, a lovely shade of blue eyes. If she wore her hair differntly and wasn't smiling so fakely and changed her top, you would have probably thought she was pretty :P There is such a fine line between attractive and not. Well, usually any way
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    Missing you

    Ohh, that's harsh right there. Dispassionate can be very benifical though. The problem with Pete is I fear that if he finds something more enticing than dreary old Redcliffe (which believe me, isn't hard :P ) There is a very good chance he won't come back for a long, long time. He won't tell...
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    Missing you

    My best mate, Pete has finally trundeled off to have an adventure. Last thursday he boarded a plane, headed for New Zealand. Next thursday he will leave there and be off to Europe for god knows how long. And I miss him like hell. So, to alliviate my pain, I'd like to share sob stories with...
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    I opened my first ever fortune cookie on my 18th birthday. My mates had eaten almost the whole box, and they all got the generic nice comment/wise words. Mine said "Everytime you leave a room it gets a little brighter" I was insulted by a cookie! On my birthday!!!
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    Furries in guinness record book

    There really is no end to the bitching, is there?
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    Change how they look at us?

    People who get upset by how the world 'veiws us' need to suck it up. Honestly, it's not that big of a deal. I love ED, I laugh in horror at the furry page, as I do many pages there. I've stared at some creepy, creepy unsetteling porn as if it were a mangaled train wreck, like most everyone here...
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    Ugly Betty

    Survey says no
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    Who's been on the couch?

    Yep. But this is 100% better than I was before. As long as I don't skip meds, I'm pretty good, but even if I had these symptoms once every fortnight (which I seem to do, I've been taking medication every single day since feb. of 2006 and I STILL forget :p ) It's the choice I would be making...
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    Who's been on the couch?

    My psychiatrist saved my life :) It's different for everyone though, and alot of practitioners are as dodgy as hell. Too eager to dignose, too eager to drug up. When I first started my meds, my psych warned me because of the strength of my initial dose, I would feel the effects straight...
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    Anyone own a chicken (or more =P)

    Oh, I loooove chooks. Always good to have a couple about. They are stoopid, but lovely. And they actually would make great house pets, if they could be house trained. Bantam ones that is. We always seem to have them (althought not for the last 2 years. Hmmmm, once we're done renting :D ) And...
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    Who's been on the couch?

    I have major depression, had it flaring up in bouts on and off badly since late 2003. I go to the psychiatrist occasionally. Every week at first, then every few weeks, then every few months, I'm now off regular visits :D My GP handles my meds which is good. Although he is over cautious (dosen't...
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    I seem to be the only person who dosen't want to use an element to rip people apart. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
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    Go Go Fire! With the hot, and the burny, and the awesomness, and the 'yea, suck on that BITCHES!' Fire = greatest element ever. Too bad the fire guy from captain planet got his lame all over it...
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    any LP fans here?

    I read the title of this thread and my mind jumped straight to Lumbar Puncture. Too much House for me lately it would seem.
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    Worst Way to Die

    Floating on a lifeboat, alone out at sea. Dying from thirst, always tempted to drink what looks refreshing, but in fact would send you mad. The salt from the ocean rubbing against your skin and clothes as the water on you dries, opening up wounds to become infected. Feeling the energy seep out...
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    We must destory Christmas.

    I love christmas. We aren't a particularly religious family, so for us it's about getting to see the whole extended family, catching up with our loved ones and giving gifts to the kids. I used to be an excited little kid, but then like everyone I grew out of it and christmas was a lot more...
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    What do you want played at your funeral?

    I guess the people I leave behind can choose whatever they want, I'm sure they will have certain songs that remind them of me that I don't know about, and a funeral is really for them anyway. My only request is that the final song played is "Always look on the bright side of Death" by Monty...