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    Trouble Logging In/Password Problems

    RE: Trouble Logging In? You changed the PW on my account and I can't login. I can't get a new PW/code, because my signed in e-mail address is bouncing and I can't update my adress (to my backup up mail), because I can't log in... And now?!? ADMIN NOTE - Contacted by Dragoneer to arrange a reset.
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    FA Current Status : was The SQL Holocaust [UPDATED]

    I hope that the pictures aren't stored in the database as well, but that would explain why it takes the server so long to built up a page. Normally only the location/link is stored in the php-database, because to sored the hole picture makes the database slow (it isn't designed to do this...
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    I miss in the art listing: - non-anthro ADULT -Ungulates (deers etc.)