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    What would be the advantages of becoming the spouse of a female anthro brown bear?

    For anthro bear lovers out there, you have just successfully engaged to and married an female anthro brown bear as part of an initiative to promote Human-Anthro relationships. In your opinion, what would be the best aspects of becoming the husband of a female anthro brown bear?
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    if you were raised by an anthro rabbit when you were a child, how would it affect your life?

    Yesterday, I had a conversation with one of my friends that revolved around the same question. After thinking about it for some time, I decided to post this here to see your answers about this scenario. You can answer this question based on either one or more of the following parental pairings...
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    What would be the direct benefits and drawbacks of short, medium, and long tails for anthros?

    I actually have never considered asking this question on here before, but I'm going to give it a go.
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    What would you do if a female anthro elephant was your girlfriend?

    NOTE: The female anthro elephant in this question is bigger than the average Human male, but is still at a manageable size.
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    From a realistic point of view, what would happen if anthros suddenly came into existence?

    How the anthros are found is up to your interpretation, including but not limited to: - They are discovered on a remote island or a previously undiscovered area on Earth - They are created through artificial means - They come from another planet Now, based on recent social trends, how would...
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    What would be the advantages of having an anthro cow as your wife?

    NOTE: This cow in question does not have an udder; she has breasts. You have managed to start a successful relationship with an anthro cow that has blossomed into marriage. What advantages would your bovine wife have that would make her better than others?
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    If you had to marry an anthro rabbit, how would your life change?

    Would you be delighted? Would you be frustrated?
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    Has anyone on here ever read or heard of Eric M. Deal's Vulpie and Polar Saga?

    The Vulpie and Polar saga is a series of LGBT Anthro Science-Fiction Romance novels created by Eric M. Deal that take place on a fictional planet named Sufias in an unnamed fictional solar system. Basically, it's what happens when Polar Arctic (A wolf) comes across the genius hacker named Vulpie...
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    What would it be like to have a relationship with an anthro T-Rex?

    Something that just popped into my head recently. I have recently started getting into anthro dinosaurs, and I am thinking of the question "If they were real, what would it be like to have a relationship with an anthro T-Rex?"(preferably female, but i'm not opposed to male ones). Advantages...