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    My latest project

    Not done, but since I did a test photoshoot to see how everything was working I though I'd share my biggest project. Just a prototype to work things out before I spend money on the better version. Presenting Sleipnir: www.furaffinity.net: Sleipnir by LuwaHyena www.furaffinity.net: Sleipnir 2...
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    Making fursuits from stuff around my house

    Yup. I this current situation I've decided to spend my time making fursuits from stuff I have in my house. Why? Well when I first started getting involved in the furry fandom I would go to the fabric store and buy any faux fur in the remnants bin in case I wanted to use in when I finalized a...
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    Free Art: Free fursona sketches! Today only!

    Free pencil sketches of you fursona, today (April 1st) only! To get my work out in the community I’m offering to do free sketches for just one day! Pencil sketches only, full body or headshot, don’t care. Example of my work:
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    How to make my mouth open WIDE

    Hi, I and currently planning my second fursuit head. Its going to be a thylacine, an extinct marsupial, and one thing they are known to do is called a gape. They could open their jaws around 80 degrees as a threat display. I know it might not be possible, but is there any way anyone can think of...